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05/29/22 at 00:44:59 

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Firstly I own a pair, and enjoy them very much so (Read 3752 times)
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Firstly I own a pair, and enjoy them very much so
07/20/11 at 03:12:44
Firstly I own a pair, and enjoy them very much so any groveling over how great they sound is just fine with me.  8)

In light of the NFX plans that have been made available, I'm getting serious about building a pair this winter. And since they were designed to mate with the SO, which I WILL build or have built sometime in the future, I feel that building the NFX's soon will give me a headstart toward having a truely world class system. Course the jury is still out on the NFX, as very few have heard them. I trust Steve and Paul, and they are saying some very nice things about this speaker.

I find it very interesting that many at last years Decfest seem to have felt that the Parker/Imperial combo was the best sounding of the evening. To be honest, the Parkers are the only high end speakers I've had any experience with. Steve's description of the NFX design has me wondering how much effect the ported box design of the Parkers effects it's openness and color. I guess I'm just fishing for some insight from those who had the opritunity to listen to both. I have a feeling that both speakers would have certain strengths. How did the NFX constrast with the Parkers in concert with the Imps?Sexylingerie adult costume sexy bikini
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