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04/22/24 at 03:52:26 

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Finally got my speakers dm944 (Read 4908 times)
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Finally got my speakers dm944
04/18/11 at 04:34:36
Got the speakers this past week. Was suprised in how small they where. Did not come with any paper work which is kind of nice to have. Nothing on how to break them in which suprised me again. Hooked them to a vtl st85 tube amp and carver preamp and at first thought the sound was ok on the tv but nothing spectacular. Cds sounded remarkably well but lacked some bass and didnt get as loud as I had hoped. Played them  alot to get them broken in. There a very nice speaker for most music by themselves but I have a audiocontrol crossover and a db10 I made for my car. I hooked everything up today and could not believe the sound Iam getting now.  The TV sounds very very good. I was watching foo fighters live at wembley and sounded very very nice. Real loud lots of headroom and a very airy sound to these speakers. Cds as you could imagine sound even better. Iam very pleased with these speakers and Steves subwoofer design. I going to build a db12 next to use in the house. Feel free to ask any questions and I will try and answer them......Matthew


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Re: Finally got my speakers dm944
Reply #1 - 04/24/11 at 13:10:52

Are you talking about the "MG"944's (towers) or the "DM"944/"DM945 (bookshelf) speakers here?

I'm happy that whichever model you are using, and they're sounding great, that is what it is all about.

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