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05/11/21 at 02:31:10 


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Dual Volume / Balance question (Read 3174 times)
Steve Deckert

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Dual Volume / Balance question
08/25/10 at 16:12:01
Hello! I currently own the Darkvoice 3322 amp which has separate volume knobs for left and right. This was the primary reason I initially purchased this particular amp due to the fact that I'm 50-60% deaf in my right ear. This allows me to compensate for the hearing loss by turning up the right channel a bit higher than the left. Would you be able to add separate volume knobs to the CSP-2? Do you know of any other solutions? If you can do this modification, what would the price difference be?
Thank you!!

Hi Josh,

The CSP2,  recently replaced by the CSP2+, has an adjustable output level for each channel that is independent of the master volume.  That way once you get the balance adjusted exactly where you like it, it never changes and you never have to find it again!

The CSP2+ takes it a step further and adds adjustable input controls so you can get the same result as described above, but also on the headphones.

- Steve Deckert
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