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06/02/23 at 00:11:10 

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Directional??? (Read 6437 times)
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08/09/10 at 14:51:38

Are these cables directional? I don't see any arrows.

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Re: Directional???
Reply #1 - 08/09/10 at 15:00:23
I don't think so. I've used them either direction with stunning results. Smiley
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Re: Directional???
Reply #2 - 10/28/10 at 15:55:02
Seeing as 'Audio' is an AC phenomenae, (i.e. it is a 'wave') of course they are not directional. Steve, you really should jump in here and explain a few audio basics about cables and stuff and the propogation of sound. I think the greatest revelation re: HiFi, that I learnt, back in the (gosh) '80's, when I first started out in the wonderful world of sound was that sound = AC = everything.
I'm sure you have primers describing all this, but some folk are slow on the looking.
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Re: Directional???
Reply #3 - 10/28/10 at 19:34:52
The DSR cables are not directional.  Directionality is a function of the shield, where the shield is connected only at one end of the wire (the input end).  DSR cables are not shielded so no directional markings are needed.

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