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04/19/24 at 19:37:13 

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MG944 first impressions (Read 5305 times)
Steve Deckert

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MG944 first impressions
03/23/10 at 17:39:41
Dear Bob and Steve,

After more than a month, i believe these speakers are the best purchase i ever made. They sound  more superb every day and the bass...well it is really there. I have another excellent system with the MartinLogan Vantage hybrids but i find myself returning more frequently to the MG944. Warmth, detail and bass. The imaging and soundstage are also spectacular! Thanks again,
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Chris K
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Re: MG944 first impressions
Reply #1 - 03/24/10 at 01:41:34
Speaker value of the century. But I've already sung praise ad infinitum, of this speaker. Wink
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