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01/18/21 at 16:34:41 


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zbox working great now! (Read 3730 times)
Steve Deckert

If the 1st watt
sucks why continue?

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zbox working great now!
02/15/10 at 20:24:59
Along w/ the Mullard 12au7 and some burn in time, finding the right gain structure and cables seemed to have solved all issues.

My system now has a much more natural timbre. Cymbals have a delicate sheen, horns sounded 'rounder', but the one thing that really struck me, is crowd noise on live concerts. Before, the applause tended to sound like white noise, now it sounds like people clapping! And all this accomplished, w/ out merely rolling off the high frequencies.

This exactly what I was seeking by purchasing the unit.

I can't say that I got any dramatic improvement in soundstage depth or width.

Overall, I am most pleased. Terrific product for the money.

Thank you for your help and patience.


Thanks for sticking with it!  And for the honest feedback, we appreciate it!

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