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Some questions about CSP2 (Read 4199 times)
Steve Deckert

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Some questions about CSP2
12/07/09 at 18:01:12
Hi Steve,

1. "This amplifier comes standard with our World Voltage Compatible Transformer. Your amp will be automatically wired for the correct voltage for your country and be supplied with the correct removable power cord."
Does that mean that I have to send you the amp if I ever move to a country with different power settings?

2. I currently use Beyerdynamic DT48E (25 Ohm) and AKG K701 headphones. Any problems with the former?

3. Your amp has been described by some people as neutral (which I like), on the other hand you offer different tube types that, I assume, influence the sound. Which tubes do you recommend for neutral sound? Which effects do the alternatives have?

4. Are the tubes used vintage? Is there any foreseeable problem buying replacements?

5. How long do the tubes last? Do I have to count usage hours, or how do I know that it is time to get new tubes?

6. Finally, I am curious: most people seem to like tube amps for their sound coloring (it beats me why anyone would want the same coloring for a tuba and a pocket trumpet solo, but either I do not understand the physics enough, or most people listen to rock music...). From what I have read it is much easier to build a neutral solid state than a neutral tube amplifier.
So my question is this: why did you choose to do it ("Because I could!"?). Are there any advantages over good solid state amps other than esthetics?

Thank you very much in advance,

Hi Thomas,

Yes, you would have to send it back and have us re-wire it.  Alternately, you can take it to a local repair tech and have them call me directly for directions on how to do it.

It will drive both the DT48E and the AKG K701's although you'll have more air and detail with the AKG and other higher impedance phones.

The 6N1P's that I ship it in the amp are the warmest and smoothest.  You can also use 6922's which are more dynamic and a little better focused, or 6DJ8's that have a touch less weight and usually the best air and detail.  Rectifier tubes also effect the sound but with those you just have to have a couple different ones to try as it changes from system to system.

All the tubes this unit uses are available in current production by several manufactures except the 6N1P which is Russian NOS.  Still plenty of those around too so no foreseeable issues.

Big advantage is no negative feedback, superior transparency, no dryness or grain, no fatigue.

- Steve Deckert
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Re: Some questions about CSP2
Reply #1 - 12/08/09 at 03:41:25
The CSP2 has to be tried before you would fully appreciate it. I have two of them. Tubes for it are dirt cheap and plentiful
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Re: Some questions about CSP2
Reply #2 - 12/26/09 at 15:44:39
Please read the designer’s notes. The true test of any designer is his, or her ability to adjust. One would be lucky to find 3 other manufacturers at this time that had the ability to put their arrogance aside, and make a headphone amplifier on the same plane as the CSP-2 for the money. The funny thing is 2 of them specialize mostly in lower impedances. Since owning the CSP-2 for over 2.5 years my search for a headphone amplifier has come to a standstill. As far as headphone amplifiers are concerned the CSP-2 is not an amplifier for today, but an amplifier for life. It is without question one of the top 3 audiophile products I have ever owned.      
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