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08/10/22 at 06:00:48 

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CCE  mod (Read 4174 times)
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CCE  mod
10/01/09 at 03:07:56
Hi All,
Just wondering how many people have opted for the CCE mod on this specific amp. I have been a proud owner since March 2009
I am thoroughly enjoying more and more this amp  coupled to my Cardersound Tybone speakers.
I changed all the stock tubes for NOS tubes and replaced the stock fuse with a Furutech fuse. I recently changed my Telefunken EL84s for the original tubes SV83s. I  now seem to prefer the sound of the SV83s.
This is what has peaked my curiousity to hear other happy owners comments on the SV83s and or the CCE mod in their SE84C+.
Steve really knows how to make a fine amp.
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ski bum
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Re: CCE  mod
Reply #1 - 10/01/09 at 17:14:28
The CCE mod only works with those tubes that have the floating grid, so only the sv83's will take advantage of it, while the other tubes you've rolled would not, and it would sound like it does now with them installed.  Since you like the SV83's anyway, I would do it to squeeze out that extra bit of performance available.  As for that extra bit of performance, the improvement is subtle, but I felt that the most striking qualities of the amp, namely imaging prowess, was slightly enhanced, expanding the back of the perceived soundstage rearward, with a slightly greater sense of space and the precise rendering of ambient cues on the recording.  I remember when I first fired up the amps after the CCE mod, it sounded like the curtain on a live performance was opened, in a seemingly large venue, as though the wall behind the speakers just fell away.  Of course I could be victim of preconceptions with my perceptions, but if you personally find no benefit, Steve will undo it and refund your money, but I don't see it happening.  
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