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05/26/22 at 19:13:55 

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Jensen G-610A w/A-640 crossover for sale. (Read 2429 times)
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Jensen G-610A w/A-640 crossover for sale.
02/18/06 at 03:26:16
About 3 months ago I rescued this 1950's gem from the local Goodwill.  With much trepidation I'm offering it up to the DECWARE community, hoping it'll find a deserving home in a full size Imperial cabinet.

Very minty Jensen G-610A and A-640 crossover installed in a period  JBL cabinet, which as best I can tell is a JBL Signature Model #37 Lo Boy, circa 1956.

Cabinet is in OK condition.  Grill cloth has a minor snag or two, and faded but still has a perfect JBL Signature logo attached.  Legs are wood,  vertical and screw into metal receivers.  Cabinet "was" in very good to excellent for it's age until some goofball recently used a hand truck without a blanket.  The top and bottom front of the cabinet show depressions from the handtruck's rails.  The rest of the cabinet is remarkably clean for it's age and with some work could be made quite presentable.  Also, the internal, vertical brace for the cabinet's back has been removed to make room for the rather large Jensen G-610.  Original stuffing still intact and in good shape.  The original mid and tweet holes are blocked off with plywood (with routed, recessed tweeter mount) as delivered 50 years ago.  External dimensions: 36" wide, 16" deep, 28" tall incl. legs.

As for the speakers themselves, the cones, surrounds, tweeter and it's bar mount, as well as the brass/brown magnet cover, cabling and crossover, all appear as almost NOS with a light covering of dust.  This gear was installed in the cabinet 50 years ago and appears to have never been touched.  No coil rubs, no holes, no scratches.  Very, very close to "as sold" in 1956.

Only thing I've done is to wire brush the 8 crossover terminals and wiring harness spades and treat with Deoxit.  Have not as yet cleaned the pots and they are scratchy.  Swept tones play smooothly from 30HZ on past 10kHZ covering the crossover points. Noticed a bit of "honk" on vocals/sax in the upper mids.  Could be xover caps, could be solid state amp...just wanted to state this up front.  Trusty Radio Shack SPL meter indicated output past 16kHZ so all appears to be working as intended.

I'm certainly willing to ship either the full cabinet or just the driver/xover combination.  First offer in the $1200 price range gets the deal with or without cabinet.  Absolutely guaranteed to be as described.

Pickup is certainly prefered.  I'm just 30 min's outside of NYC.  Shipping, packing and insurance costs will be applied to and above the sale price.  Anything I ship is packed to survive nuclear attack. I'll hire professionals to crate the cabinet.  If the drivers go separately I'll build a plywood and sonotube container you could air drop.

Please be patient with email as I get tons of business emails each day and do not check my personal email daily.  Please accept my apologies up front if it takes 4 days or so for me to get back to you.

I'll provide pictures upon request.

Let's rock!

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