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Decware Zen Fest 2013     

Our annual three day audio fest held every October here at Decware.

Broadcast of the Decware Listening Room with High Definition Audio.

DECFEST 2013 - DM945's

Testing the DM945 bookshelf speakers with the new black companion cabinets consisting of a completely passive rear loaded horn. This takes the response of the bookshelf speaker from 50Hz to a full octave lower at 25Hz.

This combination was driven by our six watt SE34I.3 Amp (aka Rachael) directly connected to our DAC.

DECFEST 2013 - Corner Horns

Switching to the Corner Horns. These speakers feature a single six inch driver running full range with no crossovers.  They are also built into the corners of the room, perminently.

This combination was driven by the Mystery Amp directly connected to our DAC.

DECFEST 2013 - HR-1's

The Zen Omni's as I like to call them were paired with the Mystery Amp
directly connected to our DAC.  Probably a good choice since the Corner Horns are usually a hard act to follow.

DECFEST 2013 - DM945's

After listening to the HR-1's with the Mystery Amp, it was decided to hear our bookshelf speaker by itself on simple stands powered by our six watt SE34I.3 amp.  Probably motivated by the extremes in price between the two systems. One costs under $2500 and the other just under $10,000.

DECFEST 2013 - MG944's

The Zen Zeigler's, our long time transmission line floor standing speaker featuring two 5 inch drivers and a ribbon tweeter (MTM) was played next to compare it against the bookshelf speakers.  The MG944's were priced around $1500.  The same 6 watt amplifier (model SE34I.3) was used.

DECFEST 2013 - DM945 comparison

This time the DM945's were paired with our 2 watt triode amp (SE84CKC) and listened to both on simple stands and then on the passively horn loaded companion cabinets.  Then different amps were tried on this excellent combo.

DECFEST 2013 - More HR-1

This change up started when someone wanted to compare the HR-1's to the DM945's which were placed in the companion cabinets.

Both the TORII MK IV and then the Mystery Amp are used with the HR-1's.

DECFEST 2013 - DM945's

Quickly positioning itself as one of the best sounding speakers, the DM945's in the companion cabinets are examined for placement flexibility to see how they rate against the HR-1's.

The Mystery Amp was used during this evaluation.

DECFEST 2013 - New ERR's

Our new ERR's are tried after listening to the DM945's in the horn loaded companion cabinets.  The TORII MK IV was used with both speakers.   The ERR's finished with some more time on the Mystery Amp.

DECFEST 2013 - More ERR's

Continued evaluation of our new Radial Loudspeakers paired with the Mystery Amp.  Some nice drum solo's can be heard about seven minutes into this video.  Apparently this sounded so good it had to be played over and over and over...

DECFEST 2013 - HDT's

Our single driver speaker, model HDT gets some serious amp time. (Too bad they didn't use these for the drum solo)
The speakers were paired with our  6 watt triode amp (SE34I.3).  With DIY plans and our full range drivers available for the speakers ~ this is another very affordable package.


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