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Hi... and welcome to Decware!  

Decware is a trademark of High Fidelity Engineering company, located here in the United States.

We are a small company where everyone takes a great deal of pride in producing the wonderful products that we’ve become known for.

We started with a single 2 watt amplifier called the Zen Triode in 1996.  Today the fidelity and design of our products is legendary in over 54 countries around the world.

As far as I know, we are the only audio company making high quality tube amplifiers with a lifetime warranty...  and there’s a reason for that!

If you scroll down the page here, you'll see our highly competent staff.  We have over 100 years of combined experience in the lost art of hand making tube amplifiers and high efficiency loudspeakers.  Of course we also have the good karma of our company cat who you’ll probably meet if you decide to visit!

Listening appointments are always available.  Also if you haven’t yet, please don’t forget to bookmark our site so you can come back!  Owner and chief audio guru Steve Deckert has written 100’s of great articles on hi-fi that you might like and we have a very active online forum that you might also enjoy.

Oh... one more thing... if you see something you would like to have on our web site, please buy it!  We think you’ll be very glad you did!

Company Cat, Nekko


Steve Deckert

Senior Engineer

I created Decware for the sincere but broke audiophiles of the world and went online in 1996 as one of the very first to manufacture and sell tube gear this good directly to the public.
DeVon Deckert

General Mgr.

The business grew beyond the ability of one man to cope, and along came this gift from God... who I married. Together we created the Decware you know today!

Sarah Richardson
Customer Service Mgr.
The Decware Glue

Who knew our daughter would be such a perfectionist and actually want to work here!  As any of you know who've talked to her... thank God she does!
Josh Waters
Parts (4,684)

Another proud moment when our Son Josh came on board to take over the most frustrating part of running Decware... Parts.

Jake Waters

It just keeps getting better when our Son Jake, comes on board to help with final QC and make sure the gear gets packed right to arrive without damage.

Anna Macaro

Public Relations
Decware Ambassador

Fluent in three languages, Anna promotes Decware's good karma... Many people meet Anna before they meet Decware!

Denis Hazen

Senior Engineer

Decware's Top Technician. The wizard behind the curtain who has lovingly built from start to finish the most Decware amplifiers. Inventor of the Hazen Grid Mod!

Paul Nibelin

Senior Engineer

Creative genius / Devils advocate - dating back to pre-Decware times, he brings some killer audio to the table with the NFX, Housewrecker and part of the creative process behind many Decware amplifiers.

Dave Lancaster

Senior Engineer

Guru in his own right, he got Steve into tube gear back in the 70's and is known for his own private line of custom guitar amplifiers. Built many of the original zen amps.


We coined the phrase, "If the first watt sucks, why continue?", which describes our focus on low power amplifiers.  It's a bit of a purist, less is more approach, but that's where the real fidelity is!


Somewhat of a rarity these days, we hold strong to the old school values that revolve around integrity and honesty.  We're a company with not only real people answering the phone, but the actual people you need to talk to. Click here for contact info.


The heart of Decware is dedicated to the "Sincere but broke audiophiles" with more brains than money instead of the other way around! To that effect we manufacture boutique audio gear that is actually better than nearly all of the "main stream hi-fi gear" because it comes from a company that embraces the hobby of hi-end audio rather than exploits it...

We have a simple business model... we hand make our products with highly skilled and top paid audio gurus here at Decware. These are some of the last of the old school craftsman who actually take soldering things point-to-point to a sonic art form.

We have no distributors, no reps, don't do many audio shows, don't really advertise, which results in products without a lot of fluff in the price. Make that no fluff in the price. When you spend a grand on a retail tube amp you know going in that the dealer is going to make between 30 and 60% depending on your negotiating skills... so really you're getting a $600 to $700 amplifier in hard value.  Well almost... of course there is the 15% or more for reps and the distributors.  And then there is advertising, shows, review samples and the overhead that comes with warehousing tens of thousands of units, all the employees and pretty soon your $1000 amplifier dwindles down to a $250 amplifier in hard value.

We make it possible to stop getting 25% of what you pay for by offering three times the hard value of all retailed audio gear. It's a factory direct business model made possible by the world wide web.  Decware went online in 1996 when web pages were only 640 pixels wide and main stream audio companies were taking a wait and see approach to the whole concept of online shopping.  Ten years prior to that Decware was a software company writing BBS software and helping to develop something called Fidonet and Echomail.  Boy we've come a long way since then!

Decware products also carry a lifetime warranty because they are built so well they simply don't break. Pretty Impressive for tube gear... plus the simple fact that almost nothing regardless of price sounds anywhere near as good, purchasing from us is frankly it's a no brain'er... This is why we have the reputation we do... it's not make believe. Type Decware into Google or Yahoo and you'll see what we mean.

We would absolutely love to have you join our family because that's what it is to us... we're a family run business, our amplifiers are like our children, and you are like our extended family. We have a wonderful support network and audiophile forums that make possible a truly dynamic experience with Decware gear, celebrated each year in October by our annual DECFEST where we invite our customers and the public to attend a three day audio fest at our facility with bond fires, tents in the yard, great food and drink, and more glowing tubes than you've ever seen in one place!

A great way to get familiar with Decware is to read Steve's articles about hi-fi.... chances are they will debunk a lot of myths and answer a ton of questions you didn't even know you had!

We are the real deal. We care about results... your results. We don't advertise, our products do that for us. We sell everything on a 30 day in home trial and have a less than 1% return rate.

Let us help you get off the buy and sell merry-go-round - permanently.

The easiest way to experience the Decware Sound is also Steve's favorite way to get you started and that's with our 2 watt SET amplifier.... something you would think couldn't get out of it's own way -  let alone drive a loudspeaker with any kind of balls, but that's where you'd be sadly mistaken... The sound you hear from this amp (that started Decware) is legendary, intoxicating and highly addictive.... don't believe me, try one on our 30 day trial and see.. even if more power would be ideal, it will sound so much better than anything else, you frankly won't care. 

 And don't forget, we sell our gear with a 30 day in home trial.