Decware's Radial Loudspeakers - Model RL-1.5

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  • 92 dB with 1 watt at 1 meter
  • 37Hz ~ 22kHz
  • 4 ohm nominal impedance
  • Crossover main drivers / none
  • Crossover ribbon tweeter / 6dB @ 8kHz
  • 4 ~ 100 watts
  • Max SPL 110dB
  • Size 12" dia. base, 8 "dia encl.x 34.5" high
  • 4th order cabinet, passive coupled
  • Real Chery veneer
  • Removable Grill
  • 5 way recessed binding posts on rear
  • 8 inch radial driver / cast frame
  • 4 inch / cast frame / isodynamic planar
  • Cap is 400v Polypropelene Film&Foil
  • Shipping weight 35 lbs.
  • 5 years on drivers and cabinets
  • 30 day money back trial


$1295.00 PR


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The RL-1.5 represents the 3rd generation of Decware's unobstructed Radial loudspeaker design.  It features a horizontal omnidirectional radial driver coupling it's 360 degree wavefront to a point-source isodynamic planar tweeter.

The result of such a design is a speaker for which no other can match it's dissapearing act.  Soundstage champions even in the smallest of rooms.

The efficiency from the listening position is around the same as a conventional 92dB speaker.  However, the Radial projects sound evenly in all directions so they fill your room with coherent image outside of the sweet spot.

The Radial driver started out as a project in 1996 (read the design notes.) and has evolved to become a fantastic driver.  It's low mass and tight suspension make it extremely fast with nice tight bass.

Bass is coupled through an 8 inch passive radiator in the bottom of the cabinet. Coupling height can be controlled or adjusted via the spikes that can be configured for 3 different heights.

RL-1.5's are a naturally resolving speaker with a laid back sound stage of excellent width and depth.  They never get in your face, and can be even be used nearfield.  Another bonus is how forgiving these speakers are to set up. No tape marks on the floor - you won't need it.

To keep the price affordable we are offering these only in the finish shown - natural cherry. Custom finishes are available for more money but are not refundable.  Standard finishes come with a 30 day money back guarantee.  If you don't like them for any reason you can return them for a complete refund less a 10% restock fee.  Our way of making it as easy as possible to audition speakers in your home for a minimal risk.

Owner's manual in pdf format

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ALL efficiency ratings are at 1 watt / 1 meter.  
This speaker is an excellent candidate for low power tube gear of 4 watts or more.

Please allow 3 to 6 weeks for delivery.  Speakers come with a 30 day money back trial.  
All speakers typically ship by UPS ground. Shipping not included.  
Oversees orders are non-refundable.

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