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Message started by Greg12 on 07/26/13 at 21:56:48

Title: Just ordered the MG944's
Post by Greg12 on 07/26/13 at 21:56:48

Well I was thoroughly enjoying the sound of my Paradigm Studio 80's being driven by my new Torii MKIII w/ Jupitor Caps, when about 2month into it the mid range woofer on the Left spkr blew out.  I had driven them hard for 7yrs so not surprising.  So down I went to the basement and pulled out my 20yr old Snell EIII's that the Paradigm's replaced due to the foam surrounds having rotted away.  I refoamed them and was back in action.  Bass was incredibe w/ the Torii, way more authoritive than it ever was w/ my 180watt per chan Anthem SS amp.  Mids awesome as well.  But the treble just wasn't nearly as pronounced and nimble as I remembered.  Don't know if the long term storage in the basement of my 90yr old house had a negative affect on the tweeters or what, but I definitely am missing some higher freq information and it's bugging me...after all I'm not hearing the full potential of my great amp  :(

Anyways, what the hell,  I've had my eyes on the MG944 for several years now and so have decided to bite the bullet on them.  (Fortunately I have a very understanding wife and I'm sure she'll be happy for me, I mean "Us",  when I tell her about this tonight....I mean, she will,, right???  ;)   Anyways, it's kind of a gamble as other than the limited number of reviews on this site, there is not much else out there on them.  But I have trust in the Decware brand, and based on everything I have read, am really looking forward to the day, 3-4 months down the line per Sarah, when they arrive at my front door.

It would be nice however if anyone here could comment further on their thoughts about owning this speaker, it's sound characteristics etc.  Especially when driven by the Torii MKIII.  My room is smallish, 11' by 13' and I listen mainly to cd's and sacd's but these will also be used for movies/tv.



Title: Re: Just ordered the MG944's
Post by Rivieraranch on 07/27/13 at 04:11:42

You should look at my posts on the speaker. Had I not been offered a pair of HR1's, and no other place for my MG944's I would still have mine today. The man who bought my MG944's still lets me know how much he likes them. That should tell you all you need to know.

Title: Re: Just ordered the MG944's
Post by .:.impossible on 07/29/13 at 15:43:12

Hi Greg. Congratulations! I am driving the MG944s that Rivieraranch sold to me with an SE84C+ in a room about the size you mention. I listen to CD, SACD, FLAC. I have a blend of Decware and MAC* interconnects.

I can only imagine how happy you will be with these when paired with your Torii III!

I had them in a larger room at first and the bass left something to be desired. I was constantly turning the amp up to get the bass I wanted and my wife was always asking me to turn it down! I've had them in the smaller space for about three weeks now and I am thrilled! We were listening to Bud Powell Time Waits the other day. My kids were dancing and having a great time and my wife, unsolicited, exclaims how "great the stereo sounds down here!"

A magic Decware moment.

*What happened to MAC? I can't find a website. Emails have bounced back...

Title: Re: Just ordered the MG944's
Post by Greg12 on 07/29/13 at 19:38:14

Thanks  R.R  I definitely have read your post's,  they were part of why I ordered the mg944 w/ confidence, along w/ other people's happiness w/ the other Decware speakers.  It's like Decware can do no wrong.

Initially I had thought about looking locally for new speakers and the instant gratification of same day buying,  but since the Torii was so well worth the wait and $,  I just gotta imagine the mg944 are too.  Not only for the quality of the speaker,  but I gotta imagine they were designed specifically with being run with Decware amps.  System synergy kind of thing?

So I guess mainly I'm just curious if anyone's experienced buyers remorse (tho i doubt it) or if they are so happy w/ them that they imagine it would cost way more $ w/ a different brand of speakers to get as good a sound.

.:.impossible    I love your story about the reaction by your wife and kids,  I love it when that happens.. when you pair high fidelity w/ great music people can't help but have a good time.  Plus,, in my case, since my wife loves my stereo, it makes it easier to justify the cost of, say... new speakers!  ;D


Title: Re: Just ordered the MG944's
Post by will on 07/29/13 at 21:33:28

I am using HR-1s in my main system now, but love the 944s. Still have them, but use them infrequently in my work area. Neutral with excellent bass, mids and highs. Great sound stage. After a hundred hours or so they sounded great. Then they kept getting better, until the mid/bass drivers were fully broken in.....then the sound went beyond great to expressive.

Title: Re: Just ordered the MG944's
Post by Greg12 on 07/29/13 at 22:46:02

That's great to hear Will.   So do they favor a certain genre of music like classical/jazz or rock.   I listen to all 3 and am hoping it's an all arounder.  I noticed some times w/ my Paradigm's being run by the Torii MKIII that complex orchestral music play loudish, the soundstage would collapse and I'd lose the ability to pick out individual intruments.  Don't know if that was due to the speakers being too difficult a load or what.  They were rated at 91db  8ohm but who knows how accurate that measurement is..

Oh, while I'm thinking about it, anyone know if there a Real time build sheet for Decware speakers like there is for the amps?  


Title: Re: Just ordered the MG944's
Post by will on 07/30/13 at 00:30:12

Hey Greg,

I think the 944s excel at musical upper mid to high articulation and far as I can tell, these are big-time areas of concern for soundstage development and saturation. And since Decware is designed for a very high level of musical transparency across the fequencies, I suspect you will be quite impressed with the 944s, perhaps even finding them a different league. I hope so!

But in my system/room, even with a great design, the balance of the sound (bass/mids/highs) is critical for soundstage saturation. In my experience, if the amp/tubes are set more for low mid and bass emphasis, this can overwhelm the upper-mids and highs just enough to cause the soundstage to be less saturated. If the Paradigms are set up synergistically with your Torii, and your room is not reflecting in the wrong places too much, and/or cutting or masking the upper frequencies, or exaggerating the low mids and bass, then the issue could be the speakers, recording, or even that your source can't work out that complex material. Hard to say. But if this continues with the 944s, my guess is that you can start trouble shooting elsewhere.

If you have not already experimented with it, you could test this upper frequency balance thing with your Paradigms. If the soundstage is good on less complex stuff and falls apart on complex recordings...does turning down the bass knobs a little (tightening the bass) and/or increasing the treble knobs a bit, improve the soundstage on these problem recordings?

Once the system/speakers and room match well for a good soundstage, I find that fine tuning the highs and bass (with amp adjustments and/or tubes) so that it works well across recordings is tricky. But it is also rewarding once you get close. There is such a vast range of recording quality, and frequency balances, that this revealing gear will show it. It will also show that a lot of stuff was not mixed with gear that revealed soundstage well.

But Steve and ZYGI are all about helping us find a rewarding balance of revealing and forgiving, so I am guessing you will like those 944s in your system.

And with the highly adjustable Torii MkIII to help you find your balance, seems to me you will be in great shape for great music.

Title: Re: Just ordered the MG944's
Post by will on 07/30/13 at 00:45:26

Sorry, I don't know about a speaker list. ZYGI has been recovering from some serious surgery though, so I guess this has slowed the flow of speaker building. I would call Sarah or DeVon at the contact number and ask.

Title: Re: Just ordered the MG944's
Post by SteveC on 07/30/13 at 03:39:08  
I knew it existed, don't know where though. Bing found it for me.

Title: Re: Just ordered the MG944's
Post by Greg12 on 07/30/13 at 21:58:26

Steve C.  thanks for the link.  I did email Sarah and she said 12-16weeks.  No prob.


Thanks for the very informative post. I know you probably spent quite some time putting your ideas to paper so to speak and I really appreciate it.

I have experimented w/ the treble and bass controls, and yes, tightening up the bass did help some.  I just wonder if maybe the MKlll and the paradigms aren't a great match for what ever reason.   However it's neither here nor there since the Paradigm's are blown, if/when I get them repaired, I don't plan on using them w/ the Torii.  

I will have to give a listen again to the complex classical music via the Snell Elll's I currently have hooked up, they seem to be an easier spkr to drive than the Paradigm's even tho the specs would suggest otherwise.  

Perhaps some night this week I'll crank it up and see.  The Fam is away visiting relatives all week so I have the whole house to myself.  Ahhhh.


Title: Re: Just ordered the MG944's
Post by will on 07/30/13 at 22:54:28

Greg. Sorry, I only responded to your later post...did not notice that you were using the Snells. Let us know how they do with the cranked up complex music. Not sure what tubes you are using, but if the treble is already up on the Torii, you can very likely get more treble in the balance with tube changes.

Title: Re: Just ordered the MG944's
Post by Greg12 on 07/30/13 at 23:42:32


I'm using National 7dj8's (Japan)  and re issue cryo Mullard el34, rectifiers are the Philips 5R4GYS  all purchased from Upscaleaudio.    I bought the rectifiers prior to getting the Torii and put them in before having heard the stock ones.  The 7dj8's I used to replace the 6922's and really like them.   The Mullards replaced the stock Tungsol el34.  I think the Mullards are finally burned in,  by the way,  I like the Tungsol's just fine,  just wanted to have some back ups and thought I'd try the Mullards.  The rest of the tubes are stock.

Speaking of tube rolling and burning in, it makes me wonder if some of the perceived "congestion" may just be the amp (received in mid April), and tubes just not really broken in all the way.  I don't know.  I'm quite the tube amp novice.  


Title: Re: Just ordered the MG944's
Post by will on 07/31/13 at 00:45:23

Burn in depends on your hourly use, and then the particular caps, and the particular tubes, but a hundred hours or so would likely put your amp and tubes in pretty good shape, and then things will continue to improve for a while. The Jupiter caps in my Zstage were good early on, but continued to improve for probably a couple hundred hours.

That sounds like a nice tube set..warm but dynamic and detailed. I really like 7DJ8s too, though the Nationals get less use for me than others. I have used all the tubes you mention but the Mullards, and I am guessing your front voltage regulators are Raytheon, like mine, but don't know what is in the back voltage reg position. Having the Tungsols to roll in would be interesting. Do they tighten/open things up a bit? What do your big/back voltage regulators look like? Are they tall and straight-sided...or coke bottle shape...any brand marks?

How would you characterize the congestion? Do you like what you hear in tonal balance? Is the congestion in a particular tonal area?

Title: Re: Just ordered the MG944's
Post by Greg12 on 07/31/13 at 02:55:27

So the small regulators are raytheons.  The larger, rear ones are straight sided OA3's.  No brand.  On the glass i read :

CF 20
Then some Cyrillic letters
B cccp

So they are Russian.

So I am home from work now and put the Tungsol el34b tubes back in to try and give a comparison with the Mullards.   I put on the new MFSL Eat a Peach sacd. Hopefully you are familiar with the album, if not the sacd version.     I would say the tung's sound a little more detailed tho not etched. Natural is a good descriptor.  On track 4, Mountain Jam, at 13mins into it the dueling drum solo begins.   Snare drums seem to have more bite, in a good way.  Same with the tom toms.  Man it's. Cool.  Bass goes deep with great definition.  After about 10mins the bass guitar comes in and the fingers on string clarity is there.    If i remember right, the Mullards seem to go louder by a bit, i was at the amps 7o'clock volume dial position.
Now to me, the Mullards have a richer, slightly beefier sound, still very pleasent though.    I then put on Little Martha,  I think I prefer these tungsol's.  I like the details they give over the slightly, i don't know, warmer, richer sounding Mullards.   Don't get me wrong tho, the Mullards are great, just in a different way.

I wonder if anyone else has an opinion on the two?.


Title: Re: Just ordered the MG944's
Post by will on 08/03/13 at 00:29:37

Sounds like you are liking the Tungsols in your setup. It is all so variable with room influence, system variations, the tube set synergy, cabling, and so on, that some might not like the Tungsols, and in another system/room, they might dislike the Mullards. Thats why I like comparing tube to tube within a given type like you have done here with the Mullards and comparison can be pretty useful no matter the variables between system/rooms.

Do the Tungsols solve the congestion issue? The Russian VRs I have a very open and clear (generally a bit too much so for me), so though I think you can probably improve your sound a bit with some different OA3s, I doubt that is the congestion issue. That is unless you have excess mid bass/bass even with the Russian VRs. Then I would look into getting a different O_3 to lighten things up a OB3, OC3, or OD3 depending on how much you want to chill the density and open things up.

Alternately, if you like the Russian VRs and how they push the power tubes...the bass feels good, and the sound is not too pushy or dense, not in your face...there are of course 5 tube sets in your MkIII. Each makes a notable difference, though less with some than others. You could find input tubes that are less dense than the Nationals, power tubes more laid back than the Tungsols, but still open and clear, or Rectifiers that are a bit more open and spacious than the Phillips.

Title: Re: Just ordered the MG944's
Post by Greg12 on 10/11/13 at 21:21:06

So after reading the posts since  Decfest wrapped up,  i've been wondering whether or not to keep my order open w/ the mg944 or switch to the 945's w/ the new companion cabinets.  So i called Decware today and spoke w/ Steve for about 30mins.  He said they think so much of the sound vs the 944's that they are gonna cancel production of the 944's.   He says the comp cab not only improves the bass department of the 945's, but also the rest of the frequencies as well.  To the point where it is hands down better than the 944.   Also said that the sweet spot is much wider than the 944's,  almost as good as w/ the err's.
 Steve said the 945 w/ cab is his favorite speaker they sell in terms of working great w/ any of his amps.   I mean to tell you,  he is amazed w/ them.  Price for the combo is about $2k, so more expensive than the 944s to be sure.

Then I asked him what he thought would be the better way for me to spend my 2k.   Keep my Torii 3 which has the Jupiter caps already, a 3 and upgrade the spkrs, or upgrade my MK 3 to a 4 ($450 since already have the Jup's) and keep w/ the 944s.   He said without a doubt to go w/ the former.  That in the end, that would yield the greatest sound improvement.

So there you have it,  945 w/ Companion Cab's is coming my way, and, as a bonus,  they keep them in stock so they will ship early next week.  They just gotta figure out how they want to box them.  They haven't shipped any before,, ie I get the first ones 8-)   Cool.

The std speakers are in cherry wood,  the new cab's are black.

I'm totally stoked,  so glad I called Decware today,  would have really reqretted getting the 944's only to find out down the line from poster's on this site how much better they liked the new combo over their old 944's...


Title: Re: Just ordered the MG944's
Post by Lonely Raven on 10/11/13 at 22:04:27

I recently picked up a pair of MG944, and I have to say, the 945 did catch my attention at the Decfest. I was trying not to notice them though...I mean, I just did pick up the 944....

But yeah, I kinda agree with Steve. The MTM design is very location specific for the sweet spot, and the sound was a bit more lively. I can't explain it any better than that, because, like I said...I tried not to notice. LOL

Title: Re: Just ordered the MG944's
Post by johnnycopy on 03/26/15 at 17:45:35

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