Model No:  SE84C with EX transformers for high impedance speakers

Octoberl 2009    

This one is a hand made master piece! I also have one of these that I built myself with every upgrade possible and still this one is sweeter then the one I built !

This amp sounds different with every change of a tube whether Input or output...for lovers of classical music (piano,symphony) put In a stock sovtek 5y3 and you'll think your listen to a naf nap 250...It gives the amp p.r.a.t with a slight amount of tube warmness basically every tube you change will result In having a different sounding amp..,  this IS an amp that you will never get bored of!

I have 10 other amps that I compared to this one...47 labs Standards 50 watt version, 47 labs hear 20 watts , I 2a3 mono blocks, Pass Aleph 3, I x Integrated 3 watts a channel, Bottlehead Paramours that I also built, Almarro 205 heavily modded, Sun Audio 2a3 kit that I also built....and over all this one little grey box is capable of sounding the same as all of the above with tube rolling ....
besides the tube rolling ...this amp also responds to I/C, speaker , power cable changes...oh jump for you can spend sleepless nights ...tweaking this amp till the morning! And when you do find the combo that suites your tastes for particular music you can just listen to the music till the wee hours of the night!




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