Model No:  ZCD Tube CD player.

First Impressions: Jan 2009 


Finally got the unit last night from the UPS facility.

Please let Steve know that everything is working great. He was right about NOS JAN GE tubes. They are out of this world (5814a triple mica, oval plate late 50s- to be exact).

Right out of the box the unit just smokes Lavry DA 10, Benchmark (we had all of them at some point) and whole bunch of other stuff we've heard. My previous CD player went straight to the Salvation Army store, I just couldn't tell anyone on Audiogon with straight face that's it is worth $300 (I paid considerably more). It is well reviewed E-Sound CDP-3. I currently run  Coral Flats 10" in some cheap boxes, all wiring is Vampire CCC and my amp is a cheapo Dared M-15 (SEP KT-88, 6N3P drivers).

My friends got some real expensive pro gear (headamp, mehlo). Can't wait to see their long faces. 

Oh well, you've got yet another convert.


Thank you much,






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