Model No:  ZKIT4 output stage with ZKIT5 power supply.

First Impressions: Feb 2009 

Hi, Steve!

I have successfully incorporated the ZKITs into my CD player.  I learned a lot. The glow tube was a mystery at first but once I put a load on the power supply it started working happily.  I still donít fully understand the circuit.

Results?  WOW! The circuit is totally quiet Ė no audible hum. (I have Klipsch Forte speakers and I cannot hear anything at full volume with zero input and my hear up against the speaker!)  I used a Mullard NOS 12AU7/CV4003. (Additional markings are KDQQ/K) The sound improvement was more than I expected.  My SE84ZS seems to love this tube and the higher signal voltage form this output stage.  Imaging is very good and it removed a lot of grain that I didnít even realize was there. A/B testing reveals an immediate and obvious improvement.  I am surprised by the improved response of the base region and how much more slam is present while also being much tighter and better defined.  Iím hearing details in bass that I didnít hear before in some of my CDs. Mids and Highs are much smoother and much more musical. The ZKIT4 output stage really woke up my amp.  My wife, who is not much of an audiophile, has taken a great interest in listening to music as a result.  She listened to music for a couple of hours yesterday.  If you knew her, you would realize that this is a huge statement! The ZKIT4 AND SKIT5 made an astonishing improvement for the cost.

I hesitate to post my findings on the Forums.  As you know, I bought a Tascam CD player previously and used the ZKIT4 and ZKIT5 to approximate an equivalent to you ZCD player.  I donít want to encourage too many folks to go this route rather than buying your product!  I donít want to upset your sales so am staying in the background on this.  I want to thank you for your help in making this possible as I would not have been able to have such a wonderful hi-fi without your help and understanding with my budget.


Once again thank you!

Best regards,

KD ďKingĒ White
DER Ė Mech Systems, Powerplant




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