Model No:  TORII MK II - Push pull amplifier.

First Impressions: May 2009 


Well, I really don't know what to say except that this is one amazing amplifier. If had it on most all of the daytime since it came in and while the sound is still changing as the amp breaks-in it seems to be settling in nicely. This amp already sounds miles ahead of anything I've had in my system. It sounds much "bigger" than my current 200 wpc amps. How you get a 25 watt amp to sound like this is what I'd like to know.

This amp (compared to my current 200 wpc, class D amps) has MUCH better weight, tonality, pitch definition, better extension and clarity in the treble. Grain/glare are non-existent with the most natural detail that I've heard. Dynamic contrasts are much better than my current amp - classical music is exciting to listen now. And as your web page states the detail is there in the music from an extremely low level without turning it up. I seem to have plenty of gain and I've yet to clip the amp even listening at (to me) pretty decent levels with my Merlin VSMs. I've owned the VSM's for about 10 years and now I know that I really had not heard what they can do.

I've had quite a few pieces over the past 25 years: Audio Research, Music Reference, VTL, Atma-Sphere and most recently my only venture into solid state: a Channel Island D200 Class D amp. Your amp is far and away the best I have ever heard in my system (I had the Atma-Sphere amps for 10 years and know very well what they sound like) and I will certainly not be sending it back. I really wish I had a way to communicate to other Merlin owners how well this amp seem to work with these speakers. Thank you for an outstanding product at a very reasonable price.

Only question I have now is what's your timing on the ERRs?


Bill Stephens




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