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Message started by BlackBess on 11/20/23 at 18:42:34

Title: Upgraded Iron
Post by BlackBess on 11/20/23 at 18:42:34

Has anyone used anything other than the Edcor XPWR107-120 & GXSE10-6-8k transformers in this build? Iím looking for something that isnít necessarily the cheapest (crappyest?) iron to use. Is it possible to get some high-zoot Decware proprietary transformers for example?
Inquiring minds want to know.

Title: Re: Upgraded Iron
Post by BlackBess on 11/21/23 at 17:57:36

Hey guys, I just want to give you one more reason I love this company. So Iím chatting with Veronica, basically wasting her time, when I finally get to the point of the call. Sarah has done the same in the past BTW. Anyway I had a simple question. Not a stupid question, I believe there are no stupid questions only stupid people. It was a yes or no question for Steve, Iíve done this before. You know S & Vís answer is always going to be, ďwould you like to talk to SteveĒ? I have taken advantage of this in the past. With a question like these I really donít want to waste Steveís timeís. (Like Iím doing to you if youíre reading this) Well Mr. Deckert wouldnít have any it this time. So after a short pause instead of hearing Veronicaís beautiful voice, itís Steve, he wants me to elaborate my thoughts so that he could do the same. It really was a Y or N question. These guys are aces &íat.
And no the question wasnít can I buy iron from you guys, though maybe I should have asked. I think he would have volunteered that if that was the case.

Me, but in a friendís car. It felt like Ferrari made this car just for me (fat chance)

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