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Message started by JKC on 06/29/23 at 05:30:17

Title: Open ground?
Post by JKC on 06/29/23 at 05:30:17

Hello folks. I’ve finally gotten an opportunity to try out the ZLC that I purchased quite some time ago and upon testing the outlets I see that it’s showing an open ground. Is that normal for this device? The wall outlet it is connected to is wired correctly and is a dedicated circuit on its own breaker with nothing else on it.

Title: Re: Open ground?
Post by JKC on 06/30/23 at 16:48:02

For anyone interested, here is the response I got from Steve:

“It's an artifact of your circuit tester when plugged into an isolation transformer. The ground is not actually open at all. If you use a VOM to test it you will see everything is properly grounded.

Steve Deckert  DECWARE / High Fidelity Engineering”

I’ll haul out my multimeter this weekend to check things over, but based on Steve’s feedback everything should be good.

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