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Message started by jamescross on 02/21/23 at 21:57:56

Title: Wireless headphones Anyone?
Post by jamescross on 02/21/23 at 21:57:56

As much as I might resist, the idea of GOOD wireless headphones would be of interest to me in certain applications, but then when I look for a decent pair, a pile of junk is out there. Does anyone here have suggestions for good quality and very good sounding wireless phones? Sennheiser comes to mind, should run into an extra $300

Title: Re: Wireless headphones Anyone?
Post by armstdav on 02/22/23 at 16:52:25

If you can wear earbuds, these sound really good, fit great, and can be had for less than $100 when they're on sale:

The same company has over the ear wireless, but i haven't tried them.

Title: Re: Wireless headphones Anyone?
Post by EdwardT on 02/26/23 at 23:18:30

Maybe Sony, their WX1000 gets top rated reviews. Apple's AirPodMax has gotten good press, too, at $150 more…but the reviewer did mention soundstage, so there's that. I use Bose Soundsport in-ears a fair amount of the time around the yard and shop, but I don’t mind the Bose signature sound, it seems there are those that do mind. I do have a set of Verum cans on order to replace the ZMF Fostex but they’re wired so that’s off topic.

Title: Re: Wireless headphones Anyone?
Post by GeriTheBiker on 02/14/24 at 05:38:18

I know, a bit slow reply...
Your question is very generic, a lot depends on what do you want to use it for? I have a pair of Razer Hammerhead Pro, I am satisfied with them, but a bit bass heavy, and of course these were designed for computer games, not serious music listening. Noise cancelling is pretty good, battery life also. So if you need these things for gaming, sport activity, give it a chance. I also use the mentioned Sony, or a similar, the VH1000XM3 version. The battery life is exceptional, I use it mostly for work, and I am so angry when it discharges, but then I realize last time I charged was 3 days prior... This pair is also bass heavy, but sound quality is very good for talking on both ends.

But. If you want to use the wireless for listening to music, I would definitely consider Grado's GW100x. The company's philosophy is similar to Decware's: only the sound quality matters. I owned GR10e, and that pair have a very nice sound. Because of the good experience, I decided to invest into a GS1000x. Since I have this pair, I listen to music much more than before. GW100x reviews are good, but don't forget, although the GW100x has built in mic, it is open back, so in a loud area GW100x might not work that well.

If you made up your mind already, it would be nice to know your decision.


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