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Message started by Valiant on 01/04/23 at 12:22:42

Title: Hi to my Decware mates in 2023
Post by Valiant on 01/04/23 at 12:22:42

How time goes by so quickly. I've just spent a pleasant few hours, looking over the Decware site, salivating over the amazing tube and speaker gear and delving into the the forums and following up a few old posts I threw at you as I attempted to build my first set of Imperials, and later, my modified Housewrecker coffee table (its's gently thumping below my feet right now).

Looking back through the Forum, I see my first post is still there...'Starting to climb the mountain'. 21 September 2005. My God, I was a 42 year old boy then. This is the year I will turn 60. So much has passed.

I have lost contact with Jake, I cannot tell you where the Imperials are.

Currently I am listening to a great set of house friendly tri-amp's arrays that I built, wedged into a tiny lounge room (I had to stuff the ports as the resonance was awful). Yes, every note is there, every note except the awesome wavefront that starts to flower in the Imperials below 100 Htz, a frequency were most speakers start looking for the exit.

Yes, the Imperial bug is still with me. Mine and Jake's originals were built using the cheapest  components and hardware yet the results where phenomenal, nothing that I could have expected and something I wished I had experienced 20 years earlier.

To my mates here on the forum, Happy New Year for 2023. I remain hopeful that some how, someway, starting this year, Imperials Mark 2, this time built with premium gear, may start taking shape.

Cheers buds.

Gary in Australia

aka Valiant

Title: Re: Hi to my Decware mates in 2023
Post by Lon on 01/04/23 at 12:51:05

Happy New Year Valiant! Hope you have a great audio year, and keep posting.

Title: Re: Hi to my Decware mates in 2023
Post by 4krow on 01/04/23 at 17:24:10

Gary, I can only say that once you have experienced real horn bass, the memory is long. It can be a physical experience at times and not just acoustic. There is a part of the music that is simply non existent in most reproduction that the bass horn fulfills. Moreover, this can be a total pleasure so long as the other drivers are equally respondent in kind. Of course, that is always one of the tricky parts, and unfortunately I have never had the 'complete set' of audio experience here.
The Imperials seem to have an advantage for this task, and it would be incredible to hear them live.

Title: Re: Hi to my Decware mates in 2023
Post by loserpart on 09/19/23 at 03:57:32

Wishing you a fantastic audio year and please keep blogging.

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