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Title: DECFEST Bonus
Post by Donnie on 09/11/22 at 13:48:55

Yesterday I received a message from DANK about him bringing me my old ZDAC1 back since he had gotten a new DAC.

The ZDAC1 was a DAC that Decware produced years ago and I had given it Dan because I didn't need it.

Dan and I went back and forth about what we could do with it because it is a fine DAC and we both came to the decision that we should give it away to someone deserving at Decfest.

Dan then said that he had a pair of Lii F15's that he wasn't using that he would also throw into the pot.

We have went back and forth with ideas of how the items could be gave away, like a drawing or something like that. We also discussed something like a library that the items would be checked out for the year between 'Fests.

Truthfully, with a DAC and a pair of speaker drivers, a person is only a amp and some cables away from a complete system.(well if they don't mind making baffles for the speaker drivers)  Anybody have a spare amp that they want to throw into the kitty?

Anyway, Dan and I have a kernel of a idea going on here, does anyone have a idea on how to implement it?

We like the idea of "giving forward" to someone deserving.

Title: Re: DECFEST Bonus
Post by HockessinKid on 09/11/22 at 15:41:38

We'll, you could have interested attendees stand on a chair and sing for the pay it forward gift. You should post videos if you go this route😂.


Title: Re: DECFEST Bonus
Post by Donnie on 09/12/22 at 17:07:52

I guess I should ask if there is anyone out there that would need a ZDAC1?

I know that someone would want Dan's Lii drivers!

Title: Re: DECFEST Bonus
Post by jpv on 09/14/22 at 16:26:54


PM sent

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