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Message started by Abunadh on 10/11/21 at 08:02:46

Title: Binding posts too small
Post by Abunadh on 10/11/21 at 08:02:46

I just unboxed and attempted to hook up my my new Zkit60 only to find that the binding posts are too small to accommodate my Zen Styx (non terminated) speaker cable.
I don't solder.
What are my options?

Title: Re: Binding posts too small
Post by HockessinKid on 10/11/21 at 13:53:09


I am not aware of any speaker terminals that do not require some form of soldering for 8ga wire, it's very thick. I think you have two options, find a friend who has a soldering iron & solder or get a cold solder kit.
Just make sure you get a good solder connection between the internal speaker wire and speaker terminal tab.

Parts Connexion has a good selection of speaker terminals which accept larger gauge bare wire or spades. You can email or call them for suggestions based on you speakers and equipment.

Good luck.


Title: Re: Binding posts too small
Post by Abunadh on 10/13/21 at 00:34:39

Thank you HockessinKid.
Just to get it up and running I dug up some cheap banana plugs that will accept and lock in the speaker wire with set screws.
At the very least I can use these to burn in my Zkit60, but clearly they are no long term solution as they are a $5 connection between a $450 cable and a $1000 amp.
Thank you again.

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