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Message started by FarmBoss on 09/21/21 at 13:14:01

Title: Li Audio Fast 8
Post by FarmBoss on 09/21/21 at 13:14:01

Years ago I built the HDT`s out of quarter sawn oak using the DFR 8.  I put them in the family room hooked up to an 1970's Marantz 2238B.  Sounded great but since it was in the house I was never allowed to really enjoy it.  

Lately I put my Mini Torri in my workshop hooked up to Tekon Pendragons.  Not happy with this I built a pair of DNA2's again out of quarter sawn oak using the Fast 8 driver.  
I spent considerable hours trying to tune these to my liking but new got happy with this pairing.

I swaped the drivers and got two better speakers.  The fast 8 was not suitable for the Dna way to much bass and shouty treble.  I think the driver gets more control fromthe HDT box vs the horn.  The DFR8 benefits from the horn of the dna2 and gets nice bass.

So if you are looking for a very fine driver for your DNA2 take alook at the Fast 8.  And it is only 199$

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