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Message started by lazb on 09/03/21 at 05:31:30

Title: my room
Post by lazb on 09/03/21 at 05:31:30

Rockwool absorbers in the corners and at first reflection points and in the upper corner triangles.(cardboard construction filled with rockwool-recommended by P I Audio group) Diffusers on front wall from P I cover the TV when I am not watching. "cloud" on overhead aids the "airness". DNA2, UFO25, ZROCK2, ZBIT, PS Audio DirectStream DAC, dCS NETWORK BRIDGE, Small Green Computer Sonic Transporter. PS AUdio power cords and P10 regenerator, Steve's interconnects and speaker wires.

Title: Re: my room
Post by DPC on 09/03/21 at 09:37:11

Looks good!  What are your before and after impressions?

Title: Re: my room
Post by Geno on 09/03/21 at 12:27:19

Nice!!! Love the DNA’s.

Great job on the treatment!

Title: Re: my room
Post by lazb on 09/03/21 at 13:51:01

Bass is much better defined, rather than a "roar", soundstage is much deeper, behind the wall on some recordings, instruments and voices are firmly located. Orchestras are no longer just a blob of sound and there is much more space around instruments and the whole is "airier". I am very happy with it. Sounds ALMOST as good as Steve's room ;-)

Title: Re: my room
Post by pineman on 09/03/21 at 22:21:36

Very cool setup!  I am curious -- are you running Sunlight firmware on the DAC? I know that improved separation between instruments in my system.

Title: Re: my room
Post by piezoman on 09/03/21 at 22:45:49

Very, very nice, lazb. In fact, delicious!

Title: Re: my room
Post by lazb on 09/04/21 at 00:46:46

whatever the latest upgrade was. I think it was sunrise. Yes, it made a noticeable improvement overall. Quieter background I think.

Title: Re: my room
Post by Tony on 09/04/21 at 17:42:53

Nice work on your room.  I was wondering about the diffusers in the front, I went online to piaudiogroup, and found them.  It sounds like they sell them in two pair at a time.  In your room, do you have 8 pair of diffusers from left to right - about 16 feet?  Would you recommend  them? Thanks in advance for the information.

Title: Re: my room
Post by piezoman on 09/06/21 at 19:35:46

Tony, I have the very same diffusers from PI Audio Group. Indeed they come in 2 pairs, one female and one male to each pair. I bought mine unpainted, and did them myself with 8 coats of paint....the paint was an eggshell finish, and mixed with classic Elmer's glue as a hardener.

lazb has a very similar treatment setup as I do, on the front his case its 1 full set [2 pairs].

I can tell you they are extraordinary and far more than worth the cost. In my small 12x10 room, I have discovered them to be absolutely critical, part of an overall approach. They cause much more clarity and rid the room of muddiness, flutter echo. These, coupled with good carpeting on top of rubberized "waffle" padding [can be hard to find] make all the difference, changing the sense of air/spaciousness and soundstage to more akin to that of a much larger room.

I very highly recommend you contact Dave at PI Audio.


Title: Re: my room
Post by Tony on 09/07/21 at 05:42:31

Hi Brad,
Thanks for the information.  This sounds like the best approach for diffusers that I have heard so far.  I'll contact Dave for more I info.

Title: Re: my room
Post by piezoman on 09/07/21 at 17:35:56

Hiya Tony,

You're very welcome. Looking forward to what shakes out on your conversations with Dave. He's the real deal, knows what he's talking about, on top of being a great guy.


Title: Re: my room
Post by Sb66er on 05/07/22 at 20:15:02

Anxious for the update...GIK, Holo Audio, Spatial....

Title: Re: my room
Post by Same Old DD on 05/10/22 at 15:55:24

I'm really interested to hear more about your ceiling panels. I'm working on bridling a troubling room, some, and I've not yet addressed the ceiling.

What is your "cloud?" They look great, but differ from the other PI Audio panels.

Your advise?

Title: Re: my room
Post by lazb on 05/10/22 at 16:42:48

They were PiAudio panels. I painted the room and took the panels down. Have not put them back and can really hear no difference. Notice I said "hear" because I am sure they were doing what they were designed to do I just could not hear it. I have added GIK corner soffits floor to ceiling and they helped bass problems and thus cleaned up mids and treble quite a bit. Moved the home made rockwool traps to the back corners. Have recently acquired Spatial Audio X3 open baffle speakers and they are far less troublesome acoustically in a room than any speaker I have ever had. Actually, I feel I do not have speakers but only the music in the room now.

Title: Re: my room
Post by Same Old DD on 05/10/22 at 17:22:19

Thanks for the info.

I am still chasing a couple of smaller (but ugly) peaks in my room, but after a bit of sidewall absorption, I am now looking at the ceiling as maybe the next step.

You say you don't notice much difference.
I wonder if your fan is in the way of where your panels need to go. I have just one fan with which to contend, but it seems to be right where I need to place first reflection panels.

I've been wondering if some hard diffusion scatteredd on the ceiling is more effective on that surface for my install, anyway.

Still chewing on ideas in my head.
I know the PIs do some of both, but mostly curious, at this point.

Thanks, again.

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