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Title: TORR II / IIjr / Zen Omni / Spatial X5
Post by VernV on 06/08/21 at 11:21:08

*This is a duplicate post that I made in the general info area. I added it here by suggestion.*

Hello everyone,
I am considering ordering a set of TORR II or TOR IIjr Mono's along with a set of Zen Omni's and would like to know if anyone here has this setup and any comments you might add.

I am currently running a PS Audio stack (DS DAC, BHK Preamp, BHK 300 Mono's, P12 and P20 Regenerators), Pink Faun 2.16x Ultra Streamer, OPPOmod fully optioned spinner (that gets almost no use), Spatial X5's which I dearly love and a pair of SVS3000 subs for low end fill.

The music I listen to is full spectrum including Rock, Jazz, Country, Classical, Electronic, Rap, Pop. Nothing is really off the table depending on my mood at the time.

I wouldn't be selling anything just adding the amps and speakers to the system as options. The way my system is setup I need to run monoblocks as I have an amp on each side of a fireplace and speakers out in front of the amps.

My source stack is in a closet behind the listening position and I run long XLR's to the amps.

This forum seems just as friendly and open as PS Audio's and is a breath of fresh air in all of the negativity that abounds the general internet forum space.

Thanks for any input you might have.

Vern V

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