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Message started by 55wilson on 05/01/21 at 21:48:36

Title: First impression
Post by 55wilson on 05/01/21 at 21:48:36

Just got my DNA's, extremely high level packing method. It would take a pointed object moving quite fast to reach the speaker inside the packing. The speakers look great. I'm trying my hand at speaker cable construction. Using Mogami 3103 12/2, a budget deal.see you later.

Title: Re: First impression
Post by JBzen on 05/02/21 at 00:04:39

I spent a good part of yesterday making these for the internal connections for Lii's Crystals in a TL enclosure. The assembled speakers are being fed with the same but completly covered with cotton sleeve. Significant differences can be heard when changing cables with different gauges/type wire, coverings, and spacing/configurations.

Have fun and enjoy you handy work.


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