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Title: ZROCK2 videos
Post by Steve Deckert on 02/26/21 at 03:48:24

I have made a couple ZROCK2 videos, plan to do more as time allows.

The first one is the Decware Corner Horns playing a female vocal to show off what a ZROCK2 does to the midrange.

The next one is the ZROCK2 sent directly into the ZDSD digital recorder.  That way the bypass switch can be flipped on and off several times and you can hear what it does without the room distortions etc.  This one features some classic rock that as released on 16 bit digital lacks weight.


Title: Re: ZROCK2 videos
Post by Jeff of Arabica on 02/28/21 at 08:17:59

Great demo Steve.  I’m glad to have my ZROCK2-25 back in my system.

I AirPlay’d these videos to my DAC > preamp > Taboo MKIII > Abyss AB-1266 Phi TC headphones so I got a pretty good sense of what you were intending. No question the ZR2 makes a positive difference in both cases.

I’m really intrigued by the first video. Unlike the Boston track, the original sounded quite good. The ZR2 wasn’t adding much gain unlike the Boston demo, I assume.  I’m curious as to which Curve you selected on the ZR2 and the knob position.  It had a perfect effect on that track where it complimented it just right without profoundly changing what was good about the recording. Very impressive.

Title: Re: ZROCK2 videos
Post by Steve Deckert on 02/28/21 at 18:20:27

I have a special spot on the dial where I set my ZROCK2 when I use it. It ends up there so often I put a small white dot on the front. The other day I was curious what the actual response was when it's on the dot.  So I put it on the dot, and measured it.  Below is the result.

A thing of beauty.  It's 5.2dB above unity.  This is what I used for the first recording of female vocals, and most everything I listen to.  That is until something like Boston comes up and is simply unlistenable the way it is.  Then about a 1/4 turn to the right gives us over 9dB above unity gain, and a more aggressive bass shelf.

Title: Re: ZROCK2 videos
Post by Jeff of Arabica on 02/28/21 at 19:01:04

Wow...  definitely a sweet spot!  Approximately what "O'clock" position is that white dot?    

It is nice to have a dB reference to the gain effect for both those video demos you posted.  I could see in the Boston video that the dial looking to be in a 4 O'clock position from what I could tell.  

Title: Re: ZROCK2 videos
Post by Steve Deckert on 03/01/21 at 03:04:11

Yes, the flat response of the first graph was set at about 1:50 and the Boston setting was at about 4:15 which actually made it sound much more like I remember it in high school.


P.S.  I almost wrote P.M. after the time.  Then I thought no... A.M.  Then I realized it's music... AC so it's both.  And it is both.  Yes folks either one works.  

Title: Re: ZROCK2 videos
Post by Jeff of Arabica on 03/01/21 at 05:03:39

Great to know!  I had mine set at about 2:00 to 2:15 so I backed it off a smidge because that response on the first video is legit!   That is exactly the "standard" influence I am looking for with my Tannoy's.  I can dial it up as needed, and I do when the situation commands it! That said, I am searching for that "sweet spot" that provides just the right amount of magic while maintaining the sanctity of the recording - a setting that works the majority of the time to simply create more "pleasure" in what I hear.  I'll dial it up (or down) for those "special" tracks that need a little more, or a little less, ZROCK2 love.  

Looking forward to my ZSB to arrive so I can run all my sources through it and not just my DAC. Fun times! 😄

Title: Re: ZROCK2 videos
Post by DancingSea on 03/01/21 at 19:12:47

I have an impedance question.  My amp has an input impedance of 10K. From the other thread regarding a 24K to 200k range, does that mean that 24K is the minimum input impedance for the ZR2 to work properly?

I have the ZBox and it does work well with my DAC and amp.

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