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Message started by jdb996 on 02/13/21 at 18:14:54

Title: Holy 40% Tap!!
Post by jdb996 on 02/13/21 at 18:14:54

Such an improvement!!

I was going through the forums and run across Nat's question to Steve  about an OT that he could use in place of the Edcor. Steve suggested replacing the 1K2W resistor and tying the 40% tap on the primary side of the OT to the grid of the output tube (pin9).

HOLY COW!! Immediately noticed a much fuller and deeper low end with a slight increase in the volume and a much fully and wider soundstage. I highly recommend making this change if you’re running the recommended Edcor OT. Well worth it!!

Title: Re: Holy 40% Tap!!
Post by bobc on 02/14/21 at 13:33:29

Thanks! Im doing a tear down/rebuild on some zkit2s I built into a more traditional circuit. I will now add an UL switch for the edcors. I did see that post and was curious.

Title: Re: Holy 40% Tap!!
Post by bobc on 02/19/21 at 13:14:02

So I wired in a switch to swap between the resistor and the UL tap for my 8K Edcors. The 40% tap is louder, which would follow I think tube is operating in pentode. Maybe something happening with phase too ? Kind of like throwing the bias switch one more time.... I think the amp is likely putting out as little more power. I really dont know it is better at this point, that said, if the OT has an UL tap its another way to add another voice to the amp. If you have one, and are building, may be an interesting option.

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