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Message started by Eldergod on 08/12/20 at 20:12:39

Title: DIY Betsyís
Post by Eldergod on 08/12/20 at 20:12:39

Hang on. Norah and I are having a moment.....

Okay. Sitting here enjoying maybe my 8th hour or so listening to my new diy Caintuck Betsyís. If youíre not interested in my lengthy review below, no worries. Hereís the good stuff: if you have never listened to OB speakers or a solid full range driver with nothing between it and the amp sans some wire, get with Randy and acquire a pair. Wow. Thatís it, youíre welcome.

For anyone else looking for more meat, letís go. If itís not obvious, I built these out of sheer curiosity to experience something new from a build and listening perspective. Iím fairly handy and maybe a bit dangerous around my humble shop, so I decided to build myself a Ďtestí (read: cheap!) pair. Shout out to Doug at Wild Burro for getting me the drivers so quickly. Iíve also had some correspondence with Randy from Caintuck, and heís fantastic if you havenít had the pleasure. He was incredibly gracious with answering questions I had in order to make these as close to the beauties he creates. The only real differences in mine are big box plywood and they are an inch and a half taller overall simply because it was less cuts because Iím lazy/impatient. Also, they are angled back approx. 10į. Finally, I added an 18Ēx18Ē peel and stick vinyl tile to the back of the plywood to help deaden resonances. If youíre interested in how this affected the panel, email me and Iíll send you the 20 sec. video I took comparing one with and one without. Finished them up last night around 6pm, and I have been transfixed on listening to these since. Devouring as much of my reference material as possible and here are my impressions:
The recording must best good or great. Anything not will absolutely SUCK if you are actually listening for listening sake. Some of my reference material - a few Mapleshade CDs (Euphoria is my fave), Gabriella y Rodrigo, Norah Jones, The Steel Wheels, some movie soundtracks (Last of the Mohicans, Braveheart), Jack Johnson, John Mayor, Tracey Chapman, Dire Straits, Pink Floyd, Bruce Hornsby, and some live Eagles. Itís been amazing hearing things in these that I can honestly say Iíve never heard. And things I havenít either. They are so fast, I get the spaces in between the music, notes, breaths.... Here are some of the notes I took while listening, but Iím afraid they will be cliche at this point. Articulate, delicate, speed, floating/deep soundstage, vocals!, guitars!, clarity. Everything sounds RIGHT. Particularly vocals. Hence my initial comment above about the moment with Norah. Holy shit. Are these perfect? Of course not. And for all the obvious reasons, but they are so ridiculously amazing with appropriate material. At this point, Iím running these off my SS amp, bit am anxiously saving my pennies for an SE84UFO hopefully soon. Iím certain that will seriously elevate the experience. Well, there ya go. Hope thatís helpful to anyone on the fence around dipping their toe into what is certainly the deep end of the pool. Thanks for listening. Iíll drop in some pics shortly.

Title: Re: DIY Betsyís
Post by Randy in Caintuck on 08/14/20 at 15:26:48

Hi Eldergod,

Congratulations on your project ..... and thanks for the kind words .....

There is truly something special about the Betsy driver in an open baffle.
They just get out of the way and let the music flow into the listening room.

Of course, you are correct that there is no "perfect" loudspeaker, but if the real objective and priority is MUSIC, the Betsy driver can satisfy your audio "sweet tooth" .....

Most folks who have enjoyed the audio hobby for a long time know that most of the music is in the midrange ..... and that is where the Betsy baffles shine.

You are also correct about the quality of recordings ..... 25 years in the IT industry convinced me of the GIGO principle ..... Garbage In - Garbage Out ..... a simple speaker with no crossover components makes this pretty obvious.

There is a Recommended Music section on my website with some CDs you might enjoy.

The Stockfisch CDs are consistently good.

Best wishes and happy listening,

Title: Re: DIY Betsyís
Post by Geno on 08/14/20 at 21:47:39

Mr. Randy,

With all of the quality drivers you now offer, folks have lots of great options. There seems to be something for everyone. And the fact that you offer only solid hardwood baffles, refines each of those options.

I know that with all the choices, you've got to be as busy as you want to be. As the one who is responsible for the open baffle craze, you are deserving of highest praise!

Very best,


Title: Re: DIY Betsyís
Post by Eldergod on 08/15/20 at 13:21:27

Title: Re: DIY Betsyís
Post by Eldergod on 08/15/20 at 13:29:19

Title: Re: DIY Betsyís
Post by Randy in Caintuck on 08/17/20 at 15:45:47

Hi Eldergod,

Thanks for sharing the photos ..... very nice .....

Hey Geno .....

Thanks for the kind words .....

I was hoping that the current offerings would be the total Caintuck Audio lineup ..... but Lii Audio is sending me a pair of their new 6.5" drivers for evaluation. †They are very excited about these drivers, so it should be interesting .....

In addition, I found a nice Goldwood 12" bass driver with dual binding posts / voice coils that will permit a lot of flexibility for those who want a single bass baffle with multiple amplification options.

It has been several months since I have had fewer than six orders in the build queue, so you are correct ..... I am as busy as I want to be .....

I have had several species of previously unused hardwood sitting in my shop that I want to use for baffles, but haven't had time to get to them.
The plan is to complete the speakers with the exception of cutting the openings for the drivers.
I want to have a page on the website with photos and let the customer choose the driver that they prefer.

Maybe some day .....

Best wishes,

Title: Re: DIY Betsyís
Post by Eldergod on 01/17/21 at 13:06:43

Updated with finishes completed.
" alt="" border="0" />

Title: Re: DIY Betsyís
Post by Eldergod on 01/17/21 at 13:09:07

Rear coated with Duratex.
" alt="" border="0" />

Title: Re: DIY Betsyís
Post by Geno on 01/18/21 at 22:15:44

Nice job man! They look great!

Title: Re: DIY Betsyís
Post by Eldergod on 01/20/21 at 01:00:17

Thanks Geno! Wasnít sure howís theyíd take the stain. Used a wood conditioner first, and was really pleased with the outcome. Pics donít do them justice.

Title: Re: DIY Betsyís
Post by Eldergod on 01/23/21 at 21:15:20

Picked up a gently used Dayton Audio 8Ē sub to go along with the Betsyís. Fits perfectly in one of the Kallax cubbies. Fills in the bottom octave nicely.

Title: Re: DIY Betsyís
Post by Randy in Caintuck on 01/25/21 at 04:14:06

Hi Eldergod,

Your speakers turned out very well ..... nice work .....

The Dayton Audio 8" powered subwoofer is great bang for the buck.
Quite a few of my Betsy baffle customers own one and the combo makes for a nice full range system.

The bass isn't earthshaking, but the smaller driver integrates with the main speakers much better than the 12" and 15" models (which are more suited to home theater, in my opinion).

The 8" driver is "quicker" ..... perfect for music.

Happy listening,

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