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Message started by Brian on 08/02/20 at 02:46:11

Title: Headphone Amplifier
Post by Brian on 08/02/20 at 02:46:11

In the "Review of two recent recordings"
Steve Deckert used 4 different headphones and said:
"Letís just grab a third headphone.  This one is complimenting the presentation the best overall while each of the other ones did certain things better."
Then trying a fourth pair:
"This last pair I am at the back of the pool and everything sounds completely real.
     If Iíve learned anything tonight itís why serious headphone listeners have so many different pairs."

This has me wondering:
Considering the cost of modern headphones, would it be money ahead for the listener if Decware were to build a headphone amplifier having one amp chassis with several circuits, and owning only a single set of headphones instead of multiple phones.
A listener could then plug into one of four or maybe five jacks to get the sound he wants. Or possibly the chassis has only one jack with a rotary selector switch to choose between the circuits.
Perhaps they would not need to be complete circuits. The effect may be achieved if some resistor or capacitor or something were made multiple and placed on a selector switch.  

Title: Re: Headphone Amplifier
Post by 4krow on 08/03/20 at 19:44:14

I wouldn't doubt that Steve would consider this. Reason being that many of his amps/preamps have switches made to alter the sound presentation of the unit. It could be a different tap on transformer or different cap, etc. I had an early CSP pre that had so many options for tubes, switches and much more that it was a bit overwhelming. What sounded good for one set position, sounded wrong for another recording. I couldn't keep track. As to your suggestion, I agree that it would be much more user friendly to have a simple switch for what sort of headphone was being used.

Title: Re: Headphone Amplifier
Post by Lon on 08/03/20 at 21:00:21

I think there's more to it that would end up being more complex than just switching a toggle between different headphones. . . .

I've ended up with there different systems, and a headphone amp in each, and the three headphones I have each work best with one of the amps. Not an ideal situation for most I'm sure, but works just right for me.

Title: Re: Headphone Amplifier
Post by Brian on 08/04/20 at 03:47:03

I thank you both for your replies.
I think this seems like a good idea.  But I have never built an amp, so perhaps it is not as practical as it seems to me.


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