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Message started by duaneh on 07/22/20 at 18:32:18

Title: Shopping for DAC
Post by duaneh on 07/22/20 at 18:32:18

Seems like every DAC is worth three to four times what it really costs. †Amazing. †Does that mean I can buy one then sell it for three to four times more than what I paid? †Too bad cars and houses and lawn mowers arenít the same.

Anyway, Iím new to Dacware, returning to better quality tunes with a new pair of Heresy iiis and an order in for an SE84UFO2. †I need a DAC to stream Tidal from my computer; my vinyl collection and turntable are long gone.

Iím gravitating toward Schiit (in a world ruled by entropy, arenít we all?)ótheir Modi Multibit for $249. †But I see they list in their B-Stock a Bifrost (not the Bifrost 2) with the multibit upgrade and gen 5 USB for $399.

Iím cheap, but Iíll pay the extra $150 if the sound is better. †Anyone have any opinions? † †

Title: Re: Shopping for DAC
Post by GroovySauce on 07/22/20 at 19:27:50

Welcome to the forums!

Looks like you are about to have a killer setup!

I agree with you "punches above it's weight class" is something that doesn't really tell me much about the product. Based on what? Price? in audio, Price ≠ Performance.

I own and have heard a few Schiit products. Not the two you are considering. That said, I would spend the extra bucks on the Bifrost. Schiit does seem to offer good value for money spent. The extra $150 seems like you will get a lot of "more better".

Title: Re: Shopping for DAC
Post by duaneh on 07/22/20 at 21:41:59

Thanks for your reply GroovySauce. †I'm leaning towards your suggestion. †It's sometimes better to make a leap rather that wonder what might have been. †This might be a $150 case.

Title: Re: Shopping for DAC
Post by ArtMan on 07/23/20 at 01:03:48

I've upgraded from the Schiit Modi Multibit. It sounds surprisingly musical although it does have digital glare in the highs. It is that glare that was my initial motivation for upgrading.

If you decide you want a Modi Multibit, I can give you a good deal on mine.

Title: Re: Shopping for DAC
Post by hdrider on 07/23/20 at 02:05:58

Duaneh- I have just bought two Schitt DAC's this year, one was the 99.00 unit since my new tv only has fiber optic out (works great, no fails) and I bought a Mulitbit from a forum member  for my Oppo deck for CD, DVD. A better DAC than the Oppo. I would most certainly try some of thier products if I was to get serious into digital playback (I focus on vinyl). Seems like a well rounded company, I would not hesitate to try their gear (seems to be around used quite often). Keep us posted on your trip and happy listening, Chris.

Title: Re: Shopping for DAC
Post by armstdav on 07/23/20 at 03:33:06


I own the exact DAC you're looking at, BiFrost Multibit w/Gen 5 USB that I bought used. I haven't owned a Modi, but I've had a Firestone FUBAR, an HRT MusicStreamer II+, along with the built-in DACs included in the Glow Amp One and the Peachtree Decco. The BiFrost is considerably better than all of them, and I now use it both for streaming via USB from my MacBook Pro, and for the output from my Onix XCD-88 via coax.

$399 for a BiFrost with warranty is a great deal. I almost bought one myself to replace the HRT.


Title: Re: Shopping for DAC
Post by funch on 07/23/20 at 04:29:08

I don't know if you've seen this site, but it's great resource for impressions/reviews.

Title: Re: Shopping for DAC
Post by Dominick on 07/23/20 at 13:28:22

I just bought the new Schiit Bifrost True Multibit Dac. † Yes it is a bit expensive at $699, but I have to say itís truly an amazing sounding Dac to my ears. †The biggest feature that made me go with this new generation dac over the older Bifrost B stock was the addition of of balanced XLR outputs as well as the Unison USB input. †

I wanted the ability to use the XLR cables for longer cable runs, quieter backgrounds, and the benefit of †twice the the increased voltage output over RCA which the Decware amps really enjoy. †That alone I feel is worth the upgrade. †Take a look at the Decwareís ZBIT for some more info. † While the ZBIT is an additional cost, itís not something that needs to be purchased now, but having access to XLRís in your audio chain for future use is a huge plus. †

Plus....the new Bifrost is completely modular to where all upgrades can be done at home without sending in the unit back to the company is a bonus. †The previous Bifrost version I believe was in production for like 5 years (maybe more) but donít have the versatility of the new Bifrost. †If you can swing the extra cost, I think itís money well spent. †

How does it soundÖ My prior dac was the Audioquest Dragonfly Red coming from my PC. † The Dragonfly Red is a great DAC for the price, but the Bifrost is next level by comparison.† There is a wider soundstage, cleaner, †and all of the instruments just have a more natural tone to them without being edgy. †

Hope this helps.


Title: Re: Shopping for DAC
Post by duaneh on 07/24/20 at 04:11:34

Thanks for your comments and advice. †I chose the B-stock Bifrost. I'm sort'a maybe possibly sure that it may be the best option for what I want to spend right now. †It's made positive impressions on others, and it's quite a savings over its original price. †It'll be a nice upgrade for me in any case, and now I can burn it in before the SE84UFO2 arrives. †

Title: Re: Shopping for DAC
Post by bikehappy1 on 11/21/20 at 23:23:10

Topping DACs are getting good reviews. They're stout and have Ak4497 chips which are supposed to be pretty good.

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