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Message started by HockessinKid on 07/22/20 at 13:27:57

Title: Lii Audio 15 Modification
Post by HockessinKid on 07/22/20 at 13:27:57


I read on Audio Circle about a proposed modification to the Lii Audio 15 driver which eliminates the binding post and tabs on the rear of the driver. I have not done this myself, but for those who like to's the link.

The mod is pretty straight forward, but does involve soldering.


Title: Re: Lii Audio 15 Modification
Post by Archie on 07/22/20 at 16:18:20

My version of better posts on the F15:

Title: Re: Lii Audio 15 Modification
Post by HockessinKid on 07/22/20 at 16:24:37


How easy we're these to install? Cardas copper right?


Title: Re: Lii Audio 15 Modification
Post by Archie on 07/22/20 at 17:04:49

These were Cardas posts with Furaz plugs.  They fit on the existing F15 mount with a larger hole drilled.  But I had to wrap them with electrical tape.  There wasn't enough metal to drill a large enough hole for the supplied grommet/mount.

I think I went with the long Cardas.  Soldering was a bit tight and the Cardas sucked up a lot of heat from the soldering iron.

Title: Re: Lii Audio 15 Modification
Post by HockessinKid on 07/22/20 at 20:55:55

I'm going to try these binding posts. I've had a lot of success with KLEI RCA plugs on IC's and a set of 4 posts is very inexpensive, very low mass and easy to install.


Title: Re: Lii Audio 15 Modification
Post by Archie on 07/22/20 at 23:46:30

Those look good.  They look like they will fit in a smaller hole, already have insulation around the conductor and will take much less heat to solder.

Title: Re: Lii Audio 15 Modification
Post by HockessinKid on 07/23/20 at 00:27:46

Based on the specifications, they should fit in the plate w/out drilling a larger hole. I already have some Cardas Eutectic Silver Solder and a tech friend w/ superb soldering skills. I'll post some pictures after surgery is completed.


Title: Re: Lii Audio 15 Modification
Post by HockessinKid on 08/03/20 at 13:50:53

>:(So my surgery to replace the the speaker binding posts on the Lii Audio 15 drivers in my Caintuck Audio Lii 15's has been completed. Here is a run down on the equipment used and detailed steps:

IMPORTANT NOTE & FULL DISCLOSURE: Soldering the voice coil wire will void the speaker driver warranty from Lii Audio. You have been warned!

Equipment: KLE Innovations (formerly Eichmann) copper binding posts (purchased from Parts Connexion), soldering station, solder (I used Cardas Quad Eucletic solder), cordless drill w/ sharp drill bits, masking tape, needle nose pliers, small crescent wrench, phillips head screw driver, clean towel (to place speaker driver on face down), & 2 paper plates & paper cups).

Steps Used:
- Laying speakers on a clean table remove front screws holding driver from the OB panel, keep screws in small paper cup.
- Lay the driver face down with stock speaker binding posts on rear directly facing you.
- Carefully remove stock binding posts by unscrewing rear nut behind driver basket. The voice coil wire has a small spade clip that attaches wire to the binding post, carefully bend this away from the post. Remove binding post from hole.
- Place folded paper plates carefully between back of binding posts and rear of driver cone to catch metal shavings. Tape drill bit tip to approximately 1/2" length from tip. Drill out binding post holes to width sufficient for new binding post.
- Desolder the voice coil wire to remove spade clip. Do not cut the voice coil wire to remove spade clip, it may leave you short. Straighten wire out a bit, make sure it does not touch the rear of the speaker cone.
- Insert new speaker binding posts (KLEI copper posts in my case) into widened post holes. Facing rear of speaker the red posts (positive) go on the right and black posts (negative) on the left. Tighten rear binding post nut orienting copper wire hole @90 degree angle. Makes it easier to insert the end of the voice coil wire.
- With needle nose pliers carefully thread the voice coil wire thru binding post copper hole and crimp in place.
- Carefully solder the voice coil wire directly to the speaker binding post copper terminus. Make sure paper plate is between the rear of binding post and speaker cone, you don't want hot solder burning a hold in your speaker cone.😔
- Inspect all four soldering joints to insure they are clean and solid.
- Finally reattach Lii Audio 15 driver to the OB panel. Be sure to orient driver holes carefully to previous screw holes on the wood.

That's it. A little more work than originally expected as I had to widen the speaker binding posts a bit with a drill. All work was done by my son and his friend a skilled soldering guy. Took about one hour.

I was not able to take pictures of each step. Pictures of final installation can be found below.

Title: Re: Lii Audio 15 Modification
Post by HockessinKid on 08/03/20 at 15:00:14

The primary reason for replacing the stock speaker binding posts on the Lii Audio drivers was the quality of the binding posts. High brass content and a brass spade in between the speaker cone wire and the post too. A post on Audio Asylum and work by forum member Archie lead me to believe that this modification could reveal the full potential of this driver.

So how do the speakers sound with the KLEI speaker binding posts? Well initial listening left me a bit perplexed. There was a significant increase in treble energy that changed the tonal balance of the speaker. The speakers sounded brighter with closely miked recordings sounding a bit etched etched. Ugh, did I make a mistake changing out the stock binding posts😢?

I decided to give the new solder and posts about 20 hours of burn in time before another close listening session before final judgement and then some system adjustments.

After the 20 hours things sounded much better - a more revealing (clean), detailed and open sound with improved treble response, but I was missing the tonal balance which made this speaker sound so amazing. So a few changes were in order.

First, I removed the Gingko Audio arches under the speakers (which raised them up about 2"). Coupled directly to the floor improved the tonal balance by enhancing the bass response.

Second, I reoriented the speaker position by pointing them further away from my ears. Now pointing about 26" out from the sides of my head, this reduced the treble energy further. Soundstage widened out quite a bit.

Finally, I replaced the 6N5P output tubes on my CSP3+ preamplifier with Steve's stock 6N1P red tip tubes. I also dialed down output one notch. When in doubt replace with Steve's stock tubes😊.

With these these system changes the original tonal balance was restored. The end result is much to my satisfaction. As previously noted, the stock binding posts seem to restrict the treble response/energy of these speakers IMHO. The tradeoff is that in my case the new binding posts changed the tonal balance, resulting in from tipped up treble response.

The lesson learned is the importance of Decware component flexibility and speaker placement to shaping the music experience. By positioning the speakers flat on the floor, firing a bit wider, and a tube change in CSP3 preamp listening happiness has been achieved once again.

So if you decide to make a change like this, just be prepared to do a little system and positioning tweaking to get the most out of your listening experience. And remember, as always your results may vary.


Title: Re: Lii Audio 15 Modification
Post by Archie on 08/03/20 at 16:05:34

Very nice Hock!  Those posts look like they fit a bit better than the Cardas since the latter require insulation around their thick post.  I had a similar process to installing mine but I left the drivers in the baffles and did everything vertically.  I didn't have (or notice) a shift in tonal balance that was objectionable and I agree that it's a worthwhile upgrade.

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