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Message started by Greg C on 05/14/20 at 23:07:08

Title: Watermark...
Post by Greg C on 05/14/20 at 23:07:08

....need a little help on entering the photo on music Iím playing in ďWhatís spinning ď...I can get it entered in the post through Photobucket, but when I post it, I get a photobucket watermark....donít really want that ....any way to get rid of that watermark


Title: Re: Watermark...
Post by Steve Deckert on 05/15/20 at 02:37:14

No way to loose the watermark as far as I can see.  If you shrink your picture down in size to a width of 700px or less, it's pretty easy to simply attach it to your post through the message editor you use to write your post.

Another way is to use the link at the bottom of this forum:  UPLOAD IMAGES HERE  and then use the image link they provide to use in your post.


Title: Re: Watermark...
Post by Greg C on 05/15/20 at 15:40:27

...ok I will give this a shot...thanks Steve


Title: Re: Watermark...
Post by BicycleJoe on 05/26/22 at 09:00:55

to test posting images I followed Steve's instructions to use ImgBB with a picture of the ZLC taken from The Decware ZLC advertisement and it doesn't fly. I used that picture because you posted it on the website yourself. I am thinking it is too high res.

I'm on a Mac book Pro with a track pad so "left click, right click does not compute.

It is actually posted here with img brackets but is not visible

I redid the photo on FB this is their Url

again it is not visible and the dpi was 250x190

Title: Re: Watermark...
Post by EdwardT on 06/02/22 at 14:00:04

Hold down CTRL and click on a MacBook.

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