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Message started by hells on 05/14/20 at 18:36:06

Title: Clipping/heavy distortion with SE84UFO
Post by hells on 05/14/20 at 18:36:06

Hey guys!

So I have been using a new set of solid state gear I received a couple weeks ago. A Freya S and an Aegir. While wonderful I wanted to see if the Freya S's additional gain (in 4x mode, so 12db more) would give my little SE84UFO a kick in the pants to up the volume on an already awesome sounding amplifier.

Instead I get heavy distortion on anything past the half way mark on the amp's volume dial. So in 4x mode on the Freya, I have the SE84UFO at half way. I can turn the Freya all the way up, and music remains nice. Just quiet. So if I turn up the SE84UFO anywhere past 1/2, the amp starts clipping super hard.

Is this expected? I guess I assumed by using the Freya I could overcome the gain that the 2 watts gets me on some recordings. But it's having the opposite effect †;D

EDIT: I should have added that I've tried new tubes in this, all but the Rectifier tube. These tubes shouldn't have had more than 6 months usage at like 5-8 hours a day on them. As I then swapped to my SE84UFO25 that I recently sold. I'd imagine the rectifier would have plenty of juice left?

Title: Re: Clipping/heavy distortion with SE84UFO
Post by Archie on 05/15/20 at 00:31:02

If I'm understanding your issue correctly I might be able to help. †The SE84UFO won't necessarily get louder by putting more voltage into it. †If the amp comes up to full power with a 2 volt input, anything over 2 volts will either clip/distort or keep you from turning the volume knob up all the way.

You might get more density to the music though.  Someone else can give a good description of "riding the gain."

Title: Re: Clipping/heavy distortion with SE84UFO
Post by hells on 05/15/20 at 03:51:49

I think thatís exactly whatís happening, I just wasnít understanding how two gain sources worked. I did some more reading and I think I understand it all thanks!

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