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Message started by Rivieraranch on 04/20/20 at 17:52:59

Title: What a difference different tubes make
Post by Rivieraranch on 04/20/20 at 17:52:59

In my Anniversary Mini I had been using Sylvania short, black plate 6189 tubes and 1974 RCA 807s.  One of the 807's sounded microphonic when I tapped it with a pencil as did one of the 6189s. The 807's had tested really high (6000 Microm-hoes where 5000 is nominal) and the combination of these with the inputs was very lively I would say.

Before this I had used some World War II National Union 807's for a long while and liked the character of their sound. I obtained a pair of old stock 1951 NU's on eBay. I tested them and the readings were much less than the RCAs. As I recall just over 4000 M/hos. Despite that they sound real good, very tubes, more lush than the RCA's. For inputs I found a pair of 1950's Sylvania 12AU7 back long plates. No micropahny there.

Title: Re: What a difference different tubes make
Post by chapsjon on 06/08/20 at 11:24:27

The 807's sound very interesting. Prices seem very reasonable as well. Do you have a recommendation on the necessary adapter?

Title: Re: What a difference different tubes make
Post by dla405j on 06/08/20 at 18:33:40

I'm interested in 807 tube for the Frankenstein look on my mini tori and obviously need a base and top local tech guy says it won't work in my amp and is not a replacement for 6l6 matching power and told me that the amp would have to be built around the tube and then  it would give sound problems and be a step down from what I use ( Stock Decware tubes from Steve)that I had to be nuts to consider the 807.....old tech,....and it has less, power,  bias issues etc. ..I can' t find info about how to use it in the mini and how or why it technical abilities with tubes is limited to taking them out of the box and replacing tube with the same and equivalent.......why are people on forum suggesting the 807 as a tube tweek or easy replacement..anybody want to buy my 807's?....I can see this is beyond me....unless there's a "The 807 tube for Idiots" available....please advise...807 pair on their way from the Ukraine ..Svetlana...I think...How and why would I use these tubes in my mini?????
dla405j (also old guy).....Dave

Title: Re: What a difference different tubes make
Post by GroovySauce on 06/08/20 at 18:53:53

Dave. My guess is your local tech is covering his ass in case something goes wrong.  People have preferences thatís why you might really like them. :)

Do a eBay search for:

807 to 6l6 adapter

A bunch of different sellers will have them.  They have the wire and top cap.

The only thing you will have to do when changing tubes is remove the old. Put in the adapter, put in the tube and attach the cap.

Title: Re: What a difference different tubes make
Post by dla405j on 06/09/20 at 18:26:12

thanks for the info on the 807...anybody having success with this simple fix and adaption of tube to new base & top I need to do any bias check to figure out feasibility for the mini..what can I expect??? thanks

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