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Message started by HockessinKid on 02/21/20 at 00:28:00

Title: Vinyl System Upgrade
Post by HockessinKid on 02/21/20 at 00:28:00

I have been planning to upgrade my vinyl playback chain this year, to cap off my system. Before I move forward with a new turntable & cartridge, I started looking for a tube phono preamp with MM & MC capability that was quiet, dynamic, and flexible.

About 3 years ago while attending the Capital Audio Fest I spent a lot time listening to a system which included Daedalus speakers, a VPI Signature Prime TT, and a Modwright Ambrose tube amp & pre. Included was the $7900 Modwright PH 150 phono preamp. Wow the sound was just glorious, but the way beyond my wallet capabilities.

Fast forward - last year Dan Wright, the man behind Modwright, came out with a less expensive tube phono preamp, the Modwright PH 9.0. A friend picked one up and I have been over for several listening sessions. It is a relatively compact MM & MC capable two-box design with on the fly MC loading & gain adjustments, a stereo/mono switch, and utilizes two 6C45 & two 6922 tubes. It's one of the quietest tube phono preamps I've heard, absolutely no hum & a black black background. Plenty of MC gain for my Dynavector 20X2 low output cartridge.

Anyway, I should have my new PH 9.0 in a couple weeks. More info to follow.


Title: Re: Vinyl System Upgrade
Post by HockessinKid on 03/09/20 at 23:30:31

Modwright PH 9.0 phono preamp is up and running. Now for some tube & capacitor burn in.


Title: Re: Vinyl System Upgrade
Post by Geno on 03/10/20 at 01:31:05

Awesome, HK. Please post your impressions after youíve had a chance to evaluate. Iíve read good things about the PH 9.0.

Title: Re: Vinyl System Upgrade
Post by pursuitofnow on 05/15/20 at 18:28:20

I'm very interested in hearing what you think about the PH 9.0?

Title: Re: Vinyl System Upgrade
Post by HockessinKid on 05/15/20 at 21:11:05

Right now I don't have time for a full review. It's a keeper!

The PH 9.0 sounds very similar the Modwrights top of the line PH 150 Reference Phono. It's very, very quiet I hear absolutely no noise through my Decware ZROCK2, CSP3+ preamp and ZMA equipment powering the Caintuck Lil 15 speakers which are very sensitive. Tracking noise of the stylus/cartridge is virtually non existent on decently pressed vinyl.

Exceptional tonality and realism with the tube output of this two box unit. It's a very flexible phono which can accommodate a wide range of cartridges, MM, lo MC, mo MC & ho MC. It has a decent number of MC load options and gain settings which alavailable on the fly (clearly labeled adjustment dials & toggle switches on the front panel). I have heard a lot of very highend analog set ups with mega bucks phono preamps over the years. The 9.0 comes very close the very best sound for a reasonable cost IMHO.


Title: Re: Vinyl System Upgrade
Post by HockessinKid on 05/22/20 at 14:43:20


I have a Triode Wire Labs (TWL) custom cable coming that connects the PH 9.0 phono chassis to the separate power supply. Pete's power cords are really good, so I thought I'd try the out to see there any improvements.

I'll report back after some time with the new cable.


Title: Re: Vinyl System Upgrade
Post by pursuitofnow on 05/23/20 at 17:29:00

Nice, thanks so much for sharing! I love my my ZP3 but the PH 9.0 has grabbed my attention.

Title: Re: Vinyl System Upgrade
Post by HockessinKid on 05/23/20 at 18:25:28

I've heard the ZP3 at Decfest but have never lived with one. I like the versitility of and MC loading options on the PH 9.0. Both excellent performers.


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