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Message started by 4krow on 01/19/20 at 19:40:59

Title: Fishing for bass
Post by 4krow on 01/19/20 at 19:40:59

Over the years, I have had numerous systems and of course varying results. This is what I like to do, i.e. experiment. I have gone so far as to return to SS equipment recently just because I can.
 One of the prime objectives for me in audio is to get the bass right. Seems to be one of the most difficult things to accomplish at times. It can often be due to room resonances, speaker placement, speaker/driver choice, and more. No doubt, the sub that I built many years ago has the 'capacity' for low bass and some slam, but I never have been able to match it as well as I would like to any speakers that I have owned. That meant it was time to start over, and the first DNA model that I built a year ago was an insight as to the possibility of accomplishing the bass that I strongly prefer. The first DNA had only some of what I was listening for in the amount and depth of bass. I was moved to start finding a way to Build the DNA2.
Right off, I will say that the DNA2 is specific enough to need the right driver, as I found out quickly into the build. The 8" Audio Nirvana produces a really good sound with enough bass bass for most people. In the DNA2 however, it is just too damned much. It is fat and has a one note sound to my ears. Remember, the AN driver sounds quite good in an open baffle arrangement, so I am not faulting the driver. I stopped looking altogether when I put in the Mark Audio 12P. No way does it have what I want in bass UNTIL it is used in this sort of cabinet design. The bass is very tight and nowhere near one note reproduction. It goes very low in spite of its size, and has an unexpected punch to it. The only recording that I really had to use tone controls on was a PAtricia Barber album. I have always known this recording to have so much bass that it is distracting to say the least. Pulling bass down 6+ db under 100hz was better.
 Now, back to the SS amplification. At this time I do not have a tube power amp, and when I do it will be the Tori Jr. In the meantime, I am actually using a hybred class D amp that I built that was designed by Pete Millett. It uses Korg 'Nutube' in the input, and a sort of Hypex type product for the output. It puts out 50 wpc, and does not sound so much like a typical class D, or I wouldn't even bother with it. I have also used a rebuilt Carver A220 which sounds surprisingly good, and even a couple other amps as well. I am presently having an engineer who happens to live somewhat closely, rebuild an old Forte' amp that I am anxious to hear. It will not be like it started out unfortunately, due to a catastrophic failure of the amp about 1 year ago. If anyone can burn something to the ground, its me. Truthfully though, the amp was asking for it.

  In the end, I would like to say that the DNA2 has been a wonderful experience for me, and my preference is even above the ZOB which I have enjoyed so much. IME, this speaker has outdone the ZOB in the bass, and even most of the midrange. The ZOB will always hold the record for an unsurpassed presence which can be a blessing or a curse, and is why I have preferred the DNA2 overall.
Last note: I am not even done with the complete build of the DNA2 due to weather. It will be quite interesting to hear any difference when the cabinets are completely finished. Bob Zigler has been an incredible help to me with advice and patience for this project. Thanks so much Bob, and it was part of a great experience to be in touch with a real expert on this design.

Title: Re: Fishing for bass
Post by 4krow on 01/30/20 at 03:21:51

Ok guys, if you really know me, it's all about 'what if'. So here is one for the books, what if I attached some short horns to the front of the cabinets? Let's just say it sounds better than you think, and can be compared very quickly. My room is pretty alive, so this is to hear what happens when the acoustic waveform is directed toward the listener.

Title: Re: Fishing for bass
Post by 4krow on 01/30/20 at 03:30:26

Still waiting for warmer weather so that I can finish these cabinets up. In the meantime, I will have some fun with the project.

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