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Message started by 4krow on 11/08/19 at 03:24:17

Title: DNA2 Plans
Post by 4krow on 11/08/19 at 03:24:17

It would be great to have a set of plans to make these cabinets. I liked the original DNA model, but wanted a bigger sound/bass. The DNA2 would easily fill the bill. Any thoughts?

Title: Re: DNA2 Plans
Post by 4krow on 12/07/19 at 22:24:30

I just got the Mark Audio 12P that I may try for this build when the plans are available. I also have a pair of Silver flute drivers at hand for the same project. In the meantime, I will be breaking in the drivers while I hope for the plans to go on sale.

Many say, "Just increase the cabinet size by X%, and you will have the DNA2." Let me make it clear, I am NOT that guy. I can follow directions well, but beyond that it ain't gonna happen.

Title: Re: DNA2 Plans
Post by 4krow on 12/12/19 at 23:27:31

I get the fact that the DNA2 is 40" tall and wider too. I just don't know how the affects the internal parts/dividers, etc. They would have longer dimensions and slightly different angle cuts because of it

Title: Re: DNA2 Plans
Post by Rich Evans on 04/03/20 at 19:42:27

I would also be interested in a set of plans. If my posts have not made it clear so far, I am not a smart man.

I'd also love to hear a bit more bottom end than what I am getting out of the original DNAs.  But that might just be me.  ;)

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