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Message started by sophie999 on 07/29/19 at 23:03:21

Title: DNA vs Omega
Post by sophie999 on 07/29/19 at 23:03:21


I was wondering if any one could comment on the difference between DNA models 1 and 2 and single/1.5 way full range driver offerings from Omega, which are also quite popular among Decware owners.

Any one had a chance to compare or just listened to different models?


Title: Re: DNA vs Omega
Post by Tal on 07/31/19 at 21:36:16

I have the DNA2 and Omega S3HO monitors (monitor version of the S3HOXRS sold by Decware). I've had the DNA2 for a little over one month. While I haven't done a A/B comparison, I can say the lows on the DNA's are lower than Omega. I rarely use my sub with DNAs, whereas with the Omega, I used the sub by default. The Omegas maybe slightly faster and slightly more efficient. The Omegas are rated at 97.5 dB, and I believe Steve indicated the DNA2 are 94 dB.

The Omegas are fantastic speakers especially if you're using a low power amp like the Super Zen due the higher efficiency. The DNA2 may need a little more juice to get them going (IMO). I'm powering the DNA2 with two Super Zens, so its not a problem for me.

I know its not a lot of detail. Bit I hope this helps.  

Title: Re: DNA vs Omega
Post by sophie999 on 08/02/19 at 03:27:42

Yes, it does help. Thanks.
Another question about DNA 2.
I think Steve mentioned he uses the same drivers as DM945/947. So, what is the difference between the DNA 2 and 947?


Title: Re: DNA vs Omega
Post by lazb on 08/02/19 at 14:42:29

the enclosure

Title: Re: DNA vs Omega
Post by 4krow on 08/15/19 at 01:35:04

Since I have never seen a make/model number for the DM947 or the DNA2 drivers, I am thinking about the Alpair 12P as a possibility. I know that when I built the DNA 1, I used the Alpair 10P with great results. Can anyone here help with the driver model number for the Dm947, or let me know if the Alpair 12P is a reasonable choice?

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