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Message started by Jess on 03/02/19 at 06:06:36

Title: Torii Jr 25th Anniversary Mods
Post by Jess on 03/02/19 at 06:06:36

Anyone able to mods their JR to 25th Anniv Mods?

Title: Re: Torii Jr 25th Anniversary Mods
Post by Steve Deckert on 03/06/19 at 05:33:15

Hi Jess,

Since I personally do all of the Anniversary mods once the stock units have passed Quality Control, I can say that only a few TORII JR's have been done so far.  If it's in the budget or not too far beyond it, I recommend it highly!

Start with the Ultra-linear resistor mod, which relaxes the amp and improves musicality. That mod is already done on all new TORII JR 2019 models.  

Secondly the beeswax bypass cap mod... it easily shoves the amplifier into the 5 digit club.  For anyone who has owned and loved the TORII JR, the mod is especially rewarding because when you get the amp back it is like a new amp... everything it was before multiplied by 1.5 which is about a 50% improvement in all categories.  It would be quite a thrill frankly, and that's what makes this hobby so much fun.  The mod will basically reboot your entire music library as each recording will be presented in a way that will change your focus to notice different things, so the mod is like getting a whole new music library for free.  

For the investment of the original amp and the mods, being sold to you wholesale, it puts the amp in the un-touchable category with respect to how it will sound compared to other push-pull amps that are well over double the price. You will find it takes more like triple the price or higher to get close and even then it make still take more...  if for example, the amp has circuit boards in it, there is a good possibility that it won't sound better regardless of price, meaning even 6 digit amplifiers may not sound better.

There are precious few audio companies in the USA that are hand-building tube amplifies point-to-point.  Think of it... for the same price as a mass-produced Chinese iPhone you can get a real American tube amplifier built with American steel and a lifetime warranty!  I guess my point in all this rambling is that this is a rare opportunity so if it's in the doable budget, As Anna would say, "Please do it.  You'll be glad you did!"

Steve   [smiley=icqlite20.png]

Title: Re: Torii Jr 25th Anniversary Mods
Post by Jess on 03/06/19 at 09:29:31

Hello Steve,

I have sent an email previously, it is regarding schematics/procedure of the mods.  As for me since I am living in Singapore, shipping back and forth the JR is really expensive.  Hoping for your consideration, will order the mods required and ship to Singapore and will ask my tube technician to do it.  


Title: Re: Torii Jr 25th Anniversary Mods
Post by Jess on 04/03/19 at 16:54:30

Hello Steve,

I would like to have a taste of the 25th anniversary mods for my JR.  I have sent a few emails but no response.  Hope this time you can consider to share how to upgrade.  


Title: Re: Torii Jr 25th Anniversary Mods
Post by Lon on 04/03/19 at 17:00:01


I've upgraded two components with the 25th Anniversary Mods. Here's what I did:

I filled out the RA form (found on the "Contacts" page). I indicated that I wanted the mods in the notes section. And filled out the rest of the form.

I boxed the component up and included the RA form. Sent it it Decware.

About three weeks later I got an email from Sarah saying the component was shipping back, and an invoice for the charges.

Boom. A very improved component arrived back.

Title: Re: Torii Jr 25th Anniversary Mods
Post by Lon on 04/03/19 at 19:39:29

Of course it dawned on me that you may be asking Steve to share how to do that yourself. . . that's a different question than the one I answered, Steve would have to weigh in on that one.

Title: Re: Torii Jr 25th Anniversary Mods
Post by Jess on 04/04/19 at 04:24:06

Hi Lon,

If I am living also within the states then I would glad to send.  But I am on the opposite located here in Singapore.  I know for a fact that even there is a lifetime warranty whatever I bought in Decware will not be in effect for me since shipping back and forth worth $$$. Because of world apart sending my JR back to the mohership is not easy for a broke audiophile which is the selling point for me to get Decware.

I just hope Steve will send PM so not to disclose any trade secrets.

I am willing to buy the parts and get schematics so I can have a taste of the mods.


Title: Re: Torii Jr 25th Anniversary Mods
Post by Lon on 04/04/19 at 12:45:00

Thanks for the info. Here's hoping Steve will help. (Probably a good idea to start this thread or if you can call Decware--my last emails to Steve have gone unanswered as well; perhaps you can email Sarah, to see if she can get Steve's attention to your emails). . . . .

Title: Re: Torii Jr 25th Anniversary Mods
Post by Jess on 04/04/19 at 17:04:38

Thank you Lon, ok will send to Sarah

Title: Re: Torii Jr 25th Anniversary Mods
Post by dvl on 06/28/19 at 22:27:29

Finally sent my Jr. in for the anniversary mods. Just got it back today. i've been listening to it for a few hours, so these are first impressions.

After having heard the Zen Anniversary amp last September at Decware, i think Steve is right with his claim that the mods are a 50% improvement, or that you get half-way to the Zen Anniversary amp. You really do get more of everything, greater sense of real people playing real instruments, real flesh and blood musicians, greater decay in vocals and instruments, and the most surprising to me is the improvement in the bass region. Noticed that one right away.

i listened to digital for about an hour, came away thinking that maybe i don't need vinyl as much as i thought. It really does improve digital in my system, so much so i started to wonder if i could live without vinyl. Then i put on a record. Nope. Vinyl just got even better. This amp improves everything in my system.

i used to own a Zen, owned it with my Jr. so i compared them a lot. i often wished i could put the two amps together and make them one amp that had the best characteristics of the Zen and the Jr. i think this may be the closest i will get to my wish.

i will post more impressions as it burns in.


Title: Re: Torii Jr 25th Anniversary Mods
Post by Steve Deckert on 06/29/19 at 03:29:24

That's great feedback for the first few hours!!!  I believe you will probably get your wish when it's fully burned-in again : )

Thank you for posting your first impressions, I and probably several readers appreciate it.  We'll look forward to the two-week report!


Title: Re: Torii Jr 25th Anniversary Mods
Post by dvl on 08/12/19 at 20:03:53

i've got over 100 hours on my Jr. with the anniversary mods and i stand by all of my first impressions i wrote about when i got the amp back at the end of June. Instruments and vocals sound more real, greater depth to the soundstage, more detail coming through but not for the sake of just detail. The detail is in the service of a more realistic musical presentation. More bass, that still surprises me, and the amp seems to have more power, although i don't know how true that is. All of the above improves low level listening, everything is there at lower volumes.

i loved my Jr. before i sent it in to be modded. The speed and transparency were so enjoyable and just plain fun. But the sound was a little 2D, and there was just a bit of aggressiveness in the treble at times. It's a different amp now, a better amp and both of those areas have been improved.  There is also an ease to the presentation that wasn't there before. It just makes it so seductive to listen to. Add that to a much more 3D presentation and it really is an astonishing 20 watts. It is well worth the money so just do it. Stop debating and just send in your amp.

There's just one problem, and it's not with this wonderful amp. It's with me. i heard the 25th anniversary amp last September at Decware, and it scrambled my brain. i found that 2 watts hard to believe, it was just so GOOD. Well, my Jr. is not that amp. Don't get me wrong, it's still wonderful, and as Steve has said, it gets you half way to the anniversary amp, but it's not the anniversary amp and that's my problem. i want that amp too.

God it is getting so hard to choose. Now there are new speakers on the horizon as well. So many choices.  What a great time to be a music lover.


Title: Re: Torii Jr 25th Anniversary Mods
Post by hells on 05/14/20 at 22:53:05

So if somebody was looking to get these done on a brand new Torii Jr, how? I don't see it in the cart options like the MKIV has. The MKIV has other weirdness, as you can only select one of the upgrades instead of all of them :D

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