Message started by grinnell on 01/25/19 at 22:39:56

Title: 807 Tube?
Post by grinnell on 01/25/19 at 22:39:56

Any one try an 807 tube?

Title: Re: 807 Tube?
Post by Rivieraranch on 01/27/19 at 04:53:29

You can use an 807 tube, with an adapter, of course. It is the same as a 6L6 , which I tried in my Mini. It has a bigger sound than the standard 6V.

Title: Re: 807 Tube?
Post by Rorschach on 03/13/21 at 02:45:37

I just put a pair of Shuguang 807s in my Rachel and the results were spectacular. Better than EL-34s or 6L6GC's.

Title: Re: 807 Tube?
Post by Tommy Freefall on 03/30/21 at 16:31:01

Rorschach, HDrider on this forum also runs 807s in his Rachael, and loves that combination.

Curious, sonically how does the sound differ from the standard EL-34s that are typically used in the Rachael?

Title: Re: 807 Tube?
Post by hdrider on 04/02/21 at 01:16:30

Tommy / Rorschach - Yes I do love my 807's in our Rachel. Actually all the tubes I have rolled in the Rachel sound really good, but the 807 just sounds more natural to me. Lame comment I know, just that at this point with our Decware gear if I don't just melt into whats playing, I know something is amiss. I used to sell VTL's way back in the day and I always borrowed the Triode 120 monoblocks on my weekends. It was 60 watt triode or 120 pentode and ran 807's. At the time it was the best think I ever heard at home. I should have taken Luke up on a pair at salesmen pricing....but our Decware rig slays everything I had heard. Done search, just listening now...Happy listening ya all and enjoy that weekend when it shows up. Chris

Title: Re: 807 Tube?
Post by RickG on 05/09/21 at 23:51:36

I have been running 6BG6G's (w/adapters) in my Mini Torii for years and really like them. Would they work well in a Rachael?

Title: Re: 807 Tube?
Post by Waxspinner on 08/29/22 at 22:21:26

I'm late to the party and Decware. What 807 brand do you all like best?

Title: Re: 807 Tube?
Post by Rivieraranch on 09/10/22 at 14:48:40

National Union, GE, Raytheon, Canadian Westinghouse; any of the tubes that have the girdle underneath the plates shielding the wires that go from the plates to the bottom of the bottle.

The newer RCAs sound bright.

The Soviet versions sound warm like most of their tubes. However they only last around one year.  

Title: Re: 807 Tube?
Post by tempest62 on 09/11/22 at 20:31:06

How does the 807 sound vs. 6L6?

Title: Re: 807 Tube?
Post by Rivieraranch on 09/17/22 at 13:23:37

It sounds similar. I ran 6L6 in my first Mini for such a short time that all I remember is that it was a "big" sound. In fact if you can search this subform you could probably find that comment. Because electrically 6L6 and 807 are more or less the same. 807 was a military tube from the get go. The whole idea behind the top cap is to prevent stray electrons from mucking up the sound.

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