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It took some time for me to get a setting that was comparable for both speakers to perform their best, and this isn't a permanent setting.
First off, it is important to note that I have been using the ZOB speakers with a separate sub amp for the drivers that I mounted on the rear port. Never totally liked the match, so let's experiment. First, I tried removing the sub amp altogether , and just using Rachael with the ZOB/FRX driver PLUS the Audio Nirvana driver also being driven by Rachael. First try was with a parallel connection, resulting in a 4 ohm load. Uhn uh folks, don't do that. It really screws up the FRX sound, because of the parallel connection with the FRX transformer. Bass was sloppy and way too much. Mids and treble was a hand over mouth sound. Naga. So then, let's try the series connection resulting in a 16 ohm load. MUCH better, but I also closed the vents on the ZOB that the FRX uses, making it more of a sealed driver affair for the Audio Nirvana driver (and a loaded port to boot). Then on the Rachael, there are two switches that are 4 or 8 ohm winding choices. I believe that I chose the 8 ohm resulting in less robust bass. Finally, I made a little circuit of my own inside of Rachael years ago so that I could choose a 3db drop at 70 hz on down. I chose to use this circuit, and wow, things are better than ever.... finally!
 The DNA is simple. Plug and play. Then choose your source and amp. Done.

 So how do I compare the two? Pretty easy now. Picking the ZOB on all accounts and not looking back. Not to say the DNA isn't a polite and yet punchy speaker that belies it's size, but best suited for an apartment, or some such environment. It was a good project, and I am glad that I built it. Can't wait until some day I get to build a set of DNA2 speakers. That is where everything changes.

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The two speakers are taking up more room than my wife will allow. Me too.

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