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Message started by Greg on 10/02/18 at 19:10:53

Title: Blue Torii Upgrade question
Post by Greg on 10/02/18 at 19:10:53

Greetings,  I have a Blue Torii-A dual mono amp. Original owner. Bought it when it first came out back in 2004.  I'm thinking of sending it in for some upgrades. Hazen mod, beeswax caps Maybe even a UFO transformer?
Anyone have any thoughts?


Greg W.

Title: Re: Blue Torii Upgrade question
Post by will on 10/24/18 at 16:22:43

Hey Greg,

These are tried and true improvements with other amps, so your thought makes sense to me. I seem to remember transformer matching was a challenging part of the Blue Torii??? Makes me wonder if you can do the UFO thing or not, but why not call Steve and ask what he would recommend and costs? He may have some other things to recommend as well.

Title: Re: Blue Torii Upgrade question
Post by Brian on 08/05/19 at 04:51:20

Hello Greg,
I found this question intriguing.  I would be interested to hear what you learned.


Title: Re: Blue Torii Upgrade question
Post by Greg on 08/07/19 at 01:56:10

Greetings Brian,

I reached out to Steve and he said the Hazen Mod and Beezwax upgrade would be a significant improvement to the Blue Torri. I did not bring up the UFO upgrade to Steve.
Even though I'm dying to hear the UFO transformer I think I'll skip the UFO upgrade to the Blue Torri and put the funds toward getting a more recent Decware amp that already has the UFO.

Once I do the  Hazen and Beeswax mods to the Blue Torri I'll post some before and after comments.


Title: Re: Blue Torii Upgrade question
Post by Brian on 08/13/19 at 06:03:20

Hi Greg,
I think your plan sounds wise.
I will be eager to hear your report on the mods. The Blue Torii has always intrigued me. I remember forum member Chas used to like to modify them. I was always fascinated by what he wrote.  

I wonder if the next larger size of Hammond power transformer might improve the sound. I think of that because of the report BAndrade posted in the Mystery Amp forum
His listener report starts with Reply #58.
He had to build a separate board to hold his new power supply, which in his case is more than only the new transformer. Perhaps the bigger transformer will not fit on your existing chassis and would require an outboard chassis.  I would think Steve could mount it on one of his smallest chassis and then mount both the Torri and the power transformer chassis onto a sheet of plywood or something.  

Anyway, that is me thinking outloud.

Best wishes for your sound,

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