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Message started by Steve Deckert on 07/27/18 at 03:24:59

Title: Glass Resistors
Post by Steve Deckert on 07/27/18 at 03:24:59

If you recall the discovery of vacuum tube glass resistors during the development of this amplifier (found here:, you probably know they are expensive and hard to find, but we did score 100 pcs, enough to do the first 25 amps.  

I have been accumulating more of them in very small quantities and have decided to add them to the options in the shopping cart for the SE84UFO25 amplifier.

I have also decided to make this option more than affordable for a limited time or while supplies last.  To keep things simple for those who ordered after the first 25 orders were placed, no worries, we have updated your orders with the glass resistor option at no charge.  

This way we can so far say that no SE84UFO25 has been built without glass resistors and with any luck maybe the first 50 amps ever built will have them!

Also I should point out that we have so far discovered three variations of these, some are clear, some are white, some are black, and so far in testing the transparency is equal amongst them all.

No idea how long this option will be available because we can only find them New Old Stock, but hey - the worlds best 2 watt amplifier is certainly the place for the worlds best resistors.

Title: Re: Glass Resistors
Post by 4krow on 07/27/18 at 08:55:08

Ok, that's it. The Rachael would be jealous of this new amp, Unless she gets her Own (glass) resistors. This means, of course, that I may be taking a look under the hood and see what the 'cup size' er value needs to be.

Title: Re: Glass Resistors
Post by Lon on 07/27/18 at 13:46:34

That's fantastic Steve, and so generous that the first 50 or so will have glass resistors, most at no additional cost. (That's the sort of thing we expect from you darn it, and that makes it essential to point out and be grateful for as it is so easy to just take it for granted!)

I'm really unable to tell what impact the glass resistors you added to my CSP3-25 have had on the overall sound, but I am still marveling at the sound of this preamp as both a conduit to my Monoblocks and as a headphone amp. I so appreciate you adding them.

Title: Re: Glass Resistors
Post by doukhobar on 11/25/18 at 03:47:33

Does any one know if 25th anniversary amps ordered on black Friday will come with the glass resistors free upgrade? I selected the resistors on my checkout with the rest of the amp otherwise stock and without tubes. I really hope I can get them on mine without the extra 320 charge, as purchasing this amp was already a stretch for me! Not trying to get anything for free... Just hope I'm still in the first batch of amp that get them.

Title: Re: Glass Resistors
Post by Steve Deckert on 11/25/18 at 18:05:02

Yes, so far all new Black Friday orders for the 25th Anniversary Zen Triode amplifier are covered.  It is getting time to try and find more because the supply is getting really low now.  Probably have enough for 10 more amps after this.


Title: Re: Glass Resistors
Post by Crowes on 07/28/19 at 19:43:14

Mr. Deckert, have you been able to source more glass resistors?  Will they continue to be an option?

Title: Re: Glass Resistors
Post by piezoman on 10/02/20 at 17:23:26

I just ordered a UFO-25th, and found out they're still available at no extra charge.

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