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Title: Isolation for ZTPRE
Post by Lon on 05/09/18 at 19:54:35

I just want to mention a new product in the isolation component field: IsoAcoustic "Orea" footers. I tried a set of four of these under various components and though I may prefer the sound that I get using the VooDoo Cable "IsoPods" a bit more, the differences are subtle and I feel these feet are fun to experiment with and they are cheaper than the VooDoo Cable feet.

I've ended up with them under the ZTPRE because . . . well if you take the stock feet off the ZTPRE and put these where they would go not only do you get a noticeable improvement in clarity and dynamics (at least to my ears and in my system) but they look TOTALLY BITCHIN' under the ZTPRE, the chrome makes the dual chrome volume knobs just POP!

Worth trying out if you like to experimet with isolation devices and especially if you're a ZTPRE owner. . . . .

Title: Re: Isolation for ZTPRE
Post by busterfree on 05/10/18 at 00:53:38


Any significant difference to using three versus four?

Title: Re: Isolation for ZTPRE
Post by Lon on 05/10/18 at 01:03:27

Two differences: it looks a lot better with four and there's a bit of a tighter focus with four--the sonic difference is subtle.

Title: Re: Isolation for ZTPRE
Post by Lon on 05/15/18 at 13:28:52

To be forthcoming. . . I restored the VooDoo Cable IsoPods under the ZTPRE. In my system though the differences are subtle, the IsoPods perform better than the Oreas. Once I realize this it's hard to keep the Oreas in place just because they add a bit of "pop" to the looks of the ZTPRE.

I've put them under the Magnum Dynalab 90TSE tuner which is on the shelf below the ZTPRE. I could hear less of a difference with this source, and they do look nice there and the chrome finish does compliment the look of the ZTPRE's gain controls on the shelf above.

I can still recommend the Oreas . . . isolation products are very system dependent and even component dependent and they are more affordable than the IsoPods. Both are effective products that I enjoy using, and add an attractive look to the system. (My wife likes their looks and how they appear in the system and she is more "visually-oriented" than I am so there's that.)

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