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Message started by Lon on 04/27/18 at 00:15:22

Title: DECWARE'S "Red-tipped" tubes.
Post by Lon on 04/27/18 at 00:15:22

This year and last equipment I've received from Deware includes tubes that are "Red-tipped." Steve marks these red to indicate that he has selected them and tested them for that component.

In the last few weeks I've been going over my tube collection and I gathered together all my tubes and arranged them by type, brand etc.

I found that I had "Red-tipped" and other versions of 6N1P and 6N5P tubes types and decided to do some comparisons. In each case the Decware supplied "Red-tipped" tube is the better choice. . . .I have enough 6N1P to fully equip my ZTPRE and SE84UFO3-25 Monoblocks, or my Torii Mk III and CSP2+ . . . and I decided to order six 6N5P from Steve as I only have two of these, enough to populate the input driver spot on each of the Monoblocks and I want six more for the ZTPRE as this is the favorite tube type for me with the ZTPRE.

Anyone else enjoying these tubes? I think I'm going to continue using these going forward when available.

Title: Re: DECWARE'S "Red-tipped" tubes.
Post by Lonely Raven on 04/27/18 at 17:20:09

Since Steve actually uses a scope to match the tubes, "in situ", you know you're getting well vetted and balanced tubes that are perfect for *that* amp.

And in general he picks good sounding tubes in general.

So it's worth it to get the tubes from Steve, vs just bulk off the internet, or even one of the more reliable tube vendors.

Title: Re: DECWARE'S "Red-tipped" tubes.
Post by Archie on 04/27/18 at 20:38:00

I admire you guys for your ability to discern subtle (to me anyway) differences in tubes.  I was about to post a bragg about the 10 NOS Russian military 6N1P-EV tubes I bought for a little under $3 each.   ::)

Title: Re: DECWARE'S "Red-tipped" tubes.
Post by Steve Deckert on 05/03/18 at 06:07:11

BTW, Offering Red-Tipped tubes for sale is on my list of things to do.  To make it happen, I have to create a video showing the process and then update the web site with a way to order them for any Decware amp and of course figure out what the final prices would be.  

The only tubes that get red-tipped are input tubes and in the case of the Zen Triode amps, also the output tubes.  In amps like Torii's, or SE34I.5's where there is an input tube for each channel, the process is essential to getting the channel balance within a few percentage points and even more important to getting the lowest harmonic distortion and the same harmonic distortion from channel to channel.

It's interesting to see that a pair of matched input tubes can be have the same distortion %, the same gain, achieve perfect channel balance, but on one tube the 2nd and 3rd harmonics will be reversed, where one channel the 2nd is higher and the other channel the 3rd is higher.

Sadly no one has had the motivation to create a tube tester than can catch things like this, but if they did, it would be a computer and a scope, so you may as well just buy a computer and scope and do your own distortion analysis with your actual amplifier instead of buying a tube tester.

This is what makes red-tipped tubes desirable.  You will let us know your amplifier, we will pull that exact amplifier from our archives and hand select tubes for in some cases over an hour with the computer and scope until we have a perfect pair.  It is also prudent to mention that in the case of the push pull amps, input tubes matched using this process can increase the power of an amplifier by 20% or more. Just yesterday I sent a TORII JR out the door that was putting out well over 32 watts clean.


Title: Re: DECWARE'S "Red-tipped" tubes.
Post by Lon on 05/04/18 at 19:18:36

Thanks for all that info Steve. The tubes you dip are awesome examples.

Title: Re: DECWARE'S "Red-tipped" tubes.
Post by alper_yilmaz on 05/04/18 at 22:43:22


Upon your explanation on the other Forum about what a "red-tipped" 6N1P is as well as this one, I took out the cryo'd 6N23P on my SE84UFO and installed my only red-tipped 6N1P.  It did not even have a box somehow; it was there in my tube drawers.

So far, 6N2P's from Decware have been my favorites.  Other than those I have tried a multitude of NOS and new 6922's.  I must admit this became my favorite of all with full and controlled bass, detail and balance.  I am still waiting a couple of 6N5P's from Decware, but so far this is definitely my favorite.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention...



Title: Re: DECWARE'S "Red-tipped" tubes.
Post by Lon on 05/05/18 at 00:00:13

You're welcome Alper. Glad you tried it out. . .I found that with my Torii Mk III I really did like a lot of NOS US and European tubes, after a long time with the 6N1P. Now with the SV83 tubes I'm using these 6N1Ps and they are perfect with the smaller tubes. . . and I am loving the sound of the SET and don't have any wish or need to go back to EL34, KT66 etc. types.

So. . . if anyone wants to part with any red-tipped 6N1Ps.  . . let me know. I really shouldn't be singing their praises, right? :)

Title: Re: DECWARE'S "Red-tipped" tubes.
Post by Lon on 05/13/18 at 20:44:17

I received six 6N5P that I ordered from Decware on Friday. I've had them in the ZTPRE ever since, replacing six I bought off ebay that seem identical to Decware's. But the ZTPRE has never sounded better, these are excellently selected and matched tubes.  

Title: Re: DECWARE'S "Red-tipped" tubes.
Post by Steve Deckert on 05/14/18 at 02:15:24

It makes a real difference to have selected tubes.  I red-tipped Lon's tubes by using my own ZTPRE for the testing.  


Title: Re: DECWARE'S "Red-tipped" tubes.
Post by Lon on 05/14/18 at 02:44:54

Yes Steve you did red-tip these. I'm very grateful. They're "right." And the ZTPRE shines. THANKS.

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