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Message started by jimmieg on 10/23/17 at 22:55:27

Title: Ordered mine today
Post by jimmieg on 10/23/17 at 22:55:27

After a very entertaining phone conversation with Steve I bought one of these just a minute ago. I have a new pair of Omega super high output alnico monitors and really want to have a SET amp, or as I learned today, a "three beer amp".  The wait begins.

Title: Re: Ordered mine today
Post by Jeff of Arabica on 10/23/17 at 23:30:17

Congratulations on the Super Zen Triode!  I have one myself as well as the tower version of those Omega SAHO's.  Beautiful pairing!  You will surely enjoy the sound.  

That being said, please do expand on the "three beer amp" comment.  You can't leave us hanging like that.  Bad forum etiquette ;)

Title: Re: Ordered mine today
Post by jimmieg on 10/24/17 at 00:48:50

So sorry, I assumed Steve had used this analogy regularly. We were discussing whether or not two watts would sound loud enough, especially in the company of others. After one beer you crank it a bit, and it's loud enough until you get well into that second beer, and you crank it again. Once you finish the third beer you want still more volume, and if the amp is clipping, by then you just won't care. I was assured that my new Decware amp, paired with these speakers, was three beer territory. This was an eye (ear?) opening discussion, and I now believe all amps should have a beer measurement.

Title: Re: Ordered mine today
Post by Lon on 10/24/17 at 01:06:10

That works. . . unless you don't drink, like me! But then I have fallen for the Torii Mk III because I'm in love with the HR-1s and they are a great partnership and there's more than enough power. . . so no need for any number or beers!

Title: Re: Ordered mine today
Post by Jeff of Arabica on 10/24/17 at 01:30:07

Ha! The "Deckert Scale."  That was the first I have heard of it.  Thanks for sharing that :)

Well, I have that amp and essentially the same speakers you have, just a larger cabinet.  I recently ran that amp on my Omegas (while my ZMA was being worked on) and found it got them plenty loud for me.  With the "Omega Effect," that amp rating needs to be adjusted to a "four beer amp."    

Title: Re: Ordered mine today
Post by jimmieg on 10/24/17 at 13:09:00

I have a small dedicated room set up in a six foot triangle. I'm no head banger but my system must do a great job with Beatles, Traffic, Talking Heads, assorted other rock music and all of my jazz records. Really looking forward to getting it. Next will be a new phono stage.

Title: Re: Ordered mine today
Post by Acetone on 10/24/17 at 17:00:22

Hey Jim-g, Your musical selection sounds exactly like much of what I listen to. And, sounds like you room is approx same as mine (11' x 16'). And set up near field as well. My SE84-CKC (2014') plays much louder than I need. I usually never get knob past 9 o'clock. And if I'm using the Zstage then it's 8 o'clock max. I believe you are in for a few 4 beer nites!

Title: Re: Ordered mine today
Post by jimmieg on 10/24/17 at 22:46:52

Acetone, would love to hear your thoughts on the ZP3 and 2M black. I have a scout with quintet bronze....considering a new phono stage next. PM if you have time thx

Title: Re: Ordered mine today
Post by Acetone on 10/25/17 at 15:58:41

Jim-g,   When I bought my VPI Traveler it had a grado gold cart. I also bought a Pro-ject tube box S-Phono stage. The biggest improvement was replacing both with the ZP3 and finally the 2m black.....I mean a Wow improvement. ZP3 is so good I run it directly to my Phillips CD burner when I archive new LP's to Digital.  If you're looking to upgrade phono stage without having to also use SUT for a MC cart...Yes, the ZP3 is awesome. I bought the 2m black as Steve D suggested. In the last few years as I have improved my room treatments and recently added Monoliths I can say the ZP3 and 2m have kept up with the improvements as well. It keeps getting better!

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