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Message started by MarkR7 on 06/28/17 at 04:52:58

Title: Torii Jr. compared to a SE84UFO?
Post by MarkR7 on 06/28/17 at 04:52:58

Besides the obvious (20wpc vs. 2wpc), what are the sonic similarities and differences between these two amps?
While I love my SE84UFO, I can use more power for my Omega HO SAMs in my big room, and would love to know what to expect from a Torii Jr.


Title: Re: Torii Jr. compared to a SE84UFO?
Post by dvl on 06/29/17 at 14:52:44

i've had a Torii Jr. for a little over a year and a half, got a SE84UFO in February of this year. For the last few months, i've been listening primarily to the Zen, and it is wonderful. Just in the last couple of weeks i've been switching back and forth between the two, and it's pretty interesting to me the differences. i'm still trying to look for the right words to describe both amps.

First of all, they are both great amps. Someone in another thread mentioned the different "flavors" of Decware amps, and how when you hook one up you have not heard in awhile, you have that "ahhh" moment, you remember just how good it is.

I have Monoliths, a ZP3, and a ZCD240. In my system the Zen is a touch warmer and softer and has a touch more presence. That SET midrange is just fabulous. The first time i put it into my system i thought, "oooh, that is really nice." There seems to be a touch more air around individual instruments, with what i find to be a very inviting sound, really drawing me into the music. Voices sound just a touch more real.

After listening to the Zen for awhile, when i put the Jr. into the system, my reaction is, "Wow!! The speed and transparency, just Wow!" It's a "cooler" sounding amp to me, it loses a touch of the realism of the Zen, but i find it a more exciting amp in some ways. It handles Kendrick Lamar a lot better than the Zen, even though the Zen makes Kendrick sound great. Dynamic music comes out of the Monoliths with such speed with the Jr. that i just shake my head sometimes and laugh. The Jr. seems to have a better grip on the speakers than the Zen, and i find it has more transparency, more detail. The one criticism i have had of the Jr. that i have written about elsewhere, is that while the quality of the bass is outstanding, i could use a little more weight. i have a Zstage, and i use it with the ZP3. That helps, i'm still tinkering with it, but it does help in that regard.

i'm still struggling to articulate what i'm hearing, as you can probably tell. i love both amps and i am blessed to have them both. i can change amps to match my mood, and really with minimal effort, a really nice luxury! If i were to oversimplify, i'd say something like the Zen relaxes, the Jr. excites. But that doesn't do either one justice, both amps can make me tear up to the music, both amps can make me excited by what i hear, both amps draw me in to the music in different ways.

Both amps are staying put, i'm not getting rid of either one! They do different things really well. i really think the speed and transparency of the Jr. will knock you out!

Title: Re: Torii Jr. compared to a SE84UFO?
Post by MarkR7 on 06/29/17 at 16:24:51

Thanks DVL! I think you articulated everything very well, and I certainly have a good flavor now of the T Jr.  Your commentary is very helpful to me! Much appreciated!


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