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Message started by Donnie on 02/27/17 at 22:58:30

Title: I had my hearing checked today
Post by Donnie on 02/27/17 at 22:58:30

I had a required hearing check at work today. It turns out that I can hear pretty darn good.
We had a little contest to see who had the lowest average deviation from norm. I ended up with a 2.2 average. The young guys all were in the 7's to 15's. I was so low that they thought I cheated.
Truthfully I think that my hearing tests better because of my stereo hobby. I listen closer and pay more attention than most do.
Still it feels good to beat all of the 30 year olds at something.
Do any of you have your hearing checked yearly?

Title: Re: I had my hearing checked today
Post by Core32 on 02/28/17 at 01:09:49

Yes. Depressing. Right is better than left, which aint sayin much!
I even had an MRI on the brain so the ENT could assure himself there was nothing more than loss due to age and cranking up the volume too much.  :P
I also have some tinnitus which really sucks.  :'(

Title: Re: I had my hearing checked today
Post by 4krow on 03/21/17 at 04:41:12

I used to work for a company that let you get hearing tests anytime you wanted. because of that I still have records from 30 years ago. My hearing is not bad these days, but I wish that I had what I used to have. So many people everywhere talk about audio equipment, rooms, recordings, and all the tweaks, yet their hearing is never mentioned.
I actually could use some high quality hearing aids, but now we're looking at $6k! Got to admit though, I have tried them out and in most situations there would be worth the cost.

Title: Re: I had my hearing checked today
Post by hurdy_gurdyman on 04/03/17 at 15:19:29

I'm wearing hearing aids. Lost much of my high frequency hearing. My hearing aids run about $4000 for the pair. They make a huge difference! Takes a few months to get used to hearing highs again after several years without them. I've been wearing them for almost two years now and music sounds natural with them except when I play my fiddle. Having that right under my ear seems to overload them and can sound harsh.  :(


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